ⓘ J. Everett Collins Center for the Performing Arts. The J. Everett Collins Center for the Performing Arts is a 1.203 seat, publicly owned theatre in Andover, Mas ..

J. Everett Collins Center for the Performing Arts

ⓘ J. Everett Collins Center for the Performing Arts

The J. Everett Collins Center for the Performing Arts is a 1.203 seat, publicly owned theatre in Andover, Massachusetts which functions as both a venue for municipal functions and a facility for private rentals. Auditorium space is used for Andovers annual town meetings and functions as an auditorium for Andover High School, connected to its southeast side. The Collins Center houses offices, facilities and classrooms for the schools drama guild, vocal ensembles, orchestra and band. Paying homage to John Everett Collins, the theatre was named after the Andover musician and politician for his service to the community. Once managed by the Andover Endowment for the Arts, Inc., an operations director now acts as manager on behalf of the town for event scheduling.


1. Construction

Approval for the addition of an auditorium onto the existing high school campus was given in 1978 with town meeting warrant article 60 allocating $720.000 for such and other school improvement projects. By 1980, it was evident that additional funding was necessary for "constructing, originally equipping and furnishing an auditorium to the High School" and the town would allocate an additional $4.370.000 for the project that year Construction was completed in 1983 and the theatre would hold its inaugural performance on September 25th of that year. By end of fiscal year 1983, $199.02 were unexpended from the 1978 allocation, as were $740.213.81 from the 1980 allocation, making the project $740.412.83 under budget.


2.1. Technical Specifications Stage

The stage is constructed of black-painted Masonite, laid over 4 inch plywood and set upon concrete. Between the proscenium, the stage is 84 feet wide, 32 feet deep from the plaster line to the upstage wall, 25 feet tall from the stage floor to the top of the proscenium and is raised 42 inches from the house floor. The stage right wing extends 10 feet from the edge of the proscenium to the stage right wall. The stage left wing extends 5 feet from the edge of the proscenium to the fly rail. Both wings extend the full 32 feet depth of the stage. From the plaster line, the apron extends 6 feet downstage. This apron can be further extended using platforms in the orchestra pit.


2.2. Technical Specifications Rigging

There are a total of 44 line sets, including the fire curtain autonomously controlled with building fire alarm system and 10 loaded and fixed pipes 5 electrics, 4 orchestra panels and 1 movie projection screen. The 43 executable line sets are T-track counterweight sets, operable from the stage left deck. Due to the location of a door on the stage left wall, 10 sets are raised on a fly gallery and therefore double-purchased. All arbors are 7 feet tall and can hold a maximum load of 1100 pounds.


2.3. Technical Specifications Soft Goods

The house curtain and valance are blue velour; all other velour goods 1 mid-stage traveler, 2 black drops and 4 sets of legs are black. Stage inventory also includes various mylar drops, an off-white 50 foot wide cyclorama and a 40 foot wide black scrim.


2.4. Technical Specifications Electrical

Power can be tied in 15 feet off stage left to 400 amp 3 phase alternating current via single pole connectors. Additional 20 amp circuits are located on both stage left and right decks. There are a total of 83 dimmers capable of 2.4 Kw each that are controlled using the AMX protocol or DMX via adapter. Each dimmer has its own 20 amp circuit, with tie-ins located throughout the theater.


2.5. Technical Specifications Lighting

The Collins Center has 102 Source Four ellipsoidal fixtures of varying degrees, 60 PARs and PARNels, and 4 Altman cyclorama lights. Two additional 750 watt, 19 degree Source Fours are used for follow spots and are fixed on the front-of-house catwalk. These fixtures are conventional stage lighting, therefore manual focusing is necessary and color modification requires the use of gels. Stage lighting is controlled using the AMX protocol, however DMX may be used with adapters.

Projection capability is possible either through front or rear projection onto a movie screen on batten 9, or onto the cyclorama using front projection.


2.6. Technical Specifications Audio

The public address system consists of speakers located to the left, right and above the proscenium arch, controlled by a 32 channel audio mixing board between the left and right mezzanines in the house. A 16 send, 4 return snake extends from the mixing board to the orchestra pit.


2.7. Technical Specifications Orchestral

A 61-foot-wide orchestra pit curves out 12 feet into the house from the downstage end of the stage. This curves down along a 100 foot radius to 6 feet, 9 inches at the left and right ends. The height of platforms in the pit can be adjusted to be either: a) 18 inches below the house floor, b) level with the house floor, or c) raised to act as an apron extension at stage height. On the stage, 9 9" wide floor panels can be arranged to create a 19 foot tall orchestra shell. 4 additional flown sound panels complete an on-stage acoustic accommodation. The Collins Center also contains one 9-foot grand piano in its inventory.

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