ⓘ Grandstreet Theatre is a theatre in Helena, Montana. It is one of Montanas largest theatres. Located in historic downtown Helena, the community theatre presents ..


ⓘ Grandstreet Theatre

Grandstreet Theatre is a theatre in Helena, Montana. It is one of Montanas largest theatres. Located in historic downtown Helena, the community theatre presents several plays, musicals, and youth extravaganzas each year. Founded in 1975, "GST" remains a cornerstone for entertainment and education in Montanas capital city. GSTs Summer Conservatory combines education with a full-scale summer stock experience. Grandstreet Theatre School offers year-round classes, and has produced a surprisingly large number of theatre professionals across the country.

Grandstreet Theatre current staff includes Managing Director Kal Poole, Artistic Director Jeff Downing and Director of Education Marianne Adams.


1. History

Carl Darchuck, a Montana native, returned to Helena at the invitation of John Wheeler in May, 1975 to investigate the potential for starting a community theater in Helena, much as he did in Fort Peck, Montana, Tacoma and Port Townsend, Washington. For a year, the theatre was located on Grand Street and Last Chance Gulch, in the ballroom of the historic Placer Hotel. In August, 1976, Grand Street Theatre still three words then was invited to move into its current space, a beautiful stone building designed originally as Unitarian church and serving as the Helena Public Library from 1933 until 1976. Since the move, the original avenue of Grand Street was demolished, and Grandstreet became one word.

The Theatre has flourished under the guidance of several skilled directors, notably Don McLaughlin, who served for fourteen years, leaving in August, 1993. Later Artistic Directors include Jerry Morrison, Blair Bybee, and Stephen Alexander. Grandstreet Theatre produces seven to ten productions a year, including comedies, dramas and musicals - all the best titles.

During the McLaughlin years, Dons wife Janet, began the Grandstreet Theatre School. Now run by Marianne Adams, Theatre School offers school-year classes of a wide variety, and the celebrated Summer Theatre School. Adams also coordinated the Summer Conservatory, bringing burgeoning artists from across the country to the picturesque locale for rousing Summer Stock.

Grandstreets historic building, beautiful setting and excellent plays is a must during any visit to Montanas "Queen City," Helena.


2. Building

Built as a Unitarian Church in 1901, the facility included the sloping floor and the proscenium stage area of today. Even then, early church documents indicated it was intended as a multi-use facility. The Reverend Leslie Willis Sprague idea for the building: ".nor do I believe God wants churches that are too holy for usefulness in any cause, even for the entertainment and pastime of His children."

In 1933, an earthquake destroyed Helenas main public library. The church was donated to the City of Helena in memory of Ellen Dean for use as an interim library following the near destruction of the original facility by earthquakes. Renovations were made to the building by leveling the house floor and adding a mezzanine.

In 1976, Grand Street Theatre dba Broadwater Productions assumed occupancy and transformed the building into Helenas full-time, year-round community theater. Its former elegance was restored thanks to a Historic Preservation Award in May, 1996. Carl Darchuck oversaw such projects as restoring the original sloped audience floor, the removal of the temporary mezzanine, putting back in the balcony, and protecting its priceless 1910 Tiffany window. The final piece of restoration came with the discovery of the 1901 blueprints of the spectacular stained glass frieze. Under the direction of Tom Cordingley, it was pain-stakingly reproduced, with the addition of the comedy and tragedy theatre masks.

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  • the 1 March. In May 2016, the Grandstreet Theatre in Helena, Mont., became the first American, non - professional theatre company to stage this musical
  • First Unitarian Church, 325 N Park Ave, Helena, Montana Now the Grandstreet Theatre 1901 - Parmly Billings Memorial Library, 2822 Montana Ave, Billings

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