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BMW M47 and Rover group M47R straight-4 diesel engines. Variants produced by the company BMW from 1998 to 2007. BMW gradually adopted high-pressure common rail fuel injection system during the period of the M47.


1. M47D20

The original diesel engine M47 rooms-with common-rail direct injection and 2.0 l, 119.1 CU in 1.951 CC unit. First shown in 1998, the M47D20 produced 100 kW 134 HP and 280 nm 207 lb⋅ft machine in its original 320d / 520d guise, and 85 kW 114 HP, 265 nm 195 lb⋅ft in the 318d variant. All M47 engines have one swirl and one tangential inlet into the cylinder, each of which can improve performance in various conditions. These features are not to be confused with swirl flaps, which were introduced in M47TUD20.


  • 2001-2003 E46 318d.
  • 85 kW 114 HP and 265 nm 195⋅lb ft.
  • 100 kW 134 HP and 280 nm 207 lb⋅ft.
  • 2000-2003 E39 520d.
  • 1999-2001 cars 320d E46.

2. M47R

Rover group UK and Steyr in Austria, worked together to change the M47D20 to create a transverse configuration for use in the Rover 75 front wheel drive saloon, as well as their four-wheel drive land Rover Freelander. The same engine was later deployed mg Rover the Rover 75 Tourer and MG ZT. In M47R "M47 Rail" differs from the original design due to the introduction of common rail technology, transverse orientation, different turbochargers, and more sophisticated systems to control temperature. However, the kernel 2.0 l, 119.1 CU in 1.951, the leaders of the Central Committee M47R and M47D20 the same. The common rail system with a relatively small volume of the engine, created problems with the temperature regime of the engine. More equipment for temperature control, which has also helped to pile on the weight, fuel consumption and production costs. The BMW plant Steyr manufactured and supplied M47R engines with the same power output as M47D20 1999 and 2006.


  • 2001-2004 MG ZT CDT.
  • 2001-2006 Land Rover Freelander.
  • 1999-2004 Rover 75 CDT.
  • 2001-2005 mg ZT CDTI with.
  • 1999-2005 Rover 75 CDTI.

3. M47TUD20

All-wheel drive BMW X3 and rear wheel drive BMW 320d models, built approximately between September 2001 and December 2004, were installed with M47TU "technical upgrade of the M47". The exact production week is not known, and probably later than the release week 33 in 2001, for example, you cannot rely on a UK 51 plate registered BMW 320d to have M47TU.

The power of the engine was enlarged to 2.0 l, 121.7 CU in-1.995 CC, and he retained the common-rail injection system, which proved popular in small M47R and more powerful engines M57. These changes authorised by BMW to increase torque and improve fuel consumption, especially at lower rpm. However, these changes added 50 kg 110 lbs total weight and emissions, respectively. In the UK, New features M47TU was enough to raise the BMW 320 CI convertible in the next insurance bracket, and the next largest group for excise tax transport tax road.

On the M47TU was regarded as so good that BMW made it available in the 320Cd coupé.

In M47TUD20 introduced new common failure points. Chief among them was the new mechanism of the vortex flap built into the intake manifold. It consisted of a number of valves within each individual inlet tract, which are attached to the actuating rod via two small screws. It became clear that over time these screws can come loose through vibration, etc. When this happens, they can be drawn into the corresponding cylinder, causing significant damage to the piston, cylinder head and valves. If you are not lucky further damage may be caused to the Turbo, if the screw, then makes it way through the exhaust valve into the manifold and then turbo. These failures occurred in such numbers that the number of specialist BMW magazines have published articles on the problem including information on how to remove the tumble flaps. For those who wish to perform some preventive maintenance on the engine M47TUD20, there are companies who supply and / or plugs to allow the removal of these swirl flaps completely. BMW solved the problem by introducing stronger swirl flaps and more spindles diameter - made of plastic - in 2006.


  • 85 kW 114 HP and 280 nm 207 lb⋅ft.
  • 2003-2005 E46 318d.
  • E83 X3 2.0 D up to the end of 2006.
  • 2001-2005 cars 320d E46.
  • 110 kW 148 HP and 330 N * m 243 lb⋅ft.


4. M47TU2D20

The engine was updated in 2004 as M47TU2D20. Another 2.0 l 121.7 CU in-1.995 CC, it produced more power throughout the range.


  • E87 118d. (Е87 118д)
  • 90 kW 121 HP and 280 nm 207 lb⋅ft.
  • E90 / E91 318d.
  • E90 / E91 320d car.
  • E60 / Е61 520d.
  • E83 X3 2.0 D at the end of 2006.
  • 120 kW / 161 HP and 340 nm 251 lb⋅ft.
  • E87 120d. (Е87 120д)
  • system M - 47 Michigan highway a state highway in Michigan M47 Patton, an American main battle tank BMW M47 diesel engine 1998 - 2007 Messier 47 an open
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BMW M47 Autofirma Ltd BMW M47 320d cylinder head, refurbished. Offer Auto Specialty Tools Car Truck Tool Manufacturer Company. For Mercedes Benz BMW,Audi,Honda,Volkwagen etc Repair And. .. BMW M47 BMW M47 DIESEL ENGINE CAMSHAFT HCB Auto Tools. Mar 16, 2017 But has had its hands in diesel development for quite some time, and BMW offers a greater abundance, including the M41 1.7L, M47. .. BMW M47 Diesels Around The World: BMW. Dec 28, 2018 3 1 In this second part we. .. BMW M47 engine clutch kupplung alignment tool for bmw m47 by grgamrga. Aug, 2019 Please watch: Building My in 10 minutes Preshaan Briglall BMW E90 320d. .. BMW M47 Baum Tools: BMW B135250 M47 M57 Diesel Injector Remover. Feb 16, 2019 320d M47. Fahre Films BMW Glow Plug Control Unit replacement for E46 E60 E83 E90 Automotive Duration: 3:56. Hitachi. .. BMW M47 Replacing Belt tensioner & idler pulley BMW E90 320D M47. Jul 24, 2019 Heres a video that covers vs topic buy an M47 over or vice versa and why I went with N47 engine despite the. .. BMW M47 how to replace serpentine belt BMW 3 series 2006 E90 M47. Mar 19, 2019 tool aligning the clutch for bmw m87 engine diesel. .. BMW M47 BMW M47 M57 Timing Chain Replacement Tips YouTube. M51 M41 diesels had broken ground for BMW and set new standards, but yet again it was time to raise bar. Against this background the M47. .. BMW Heaven Specification Database Engine specifications for. BMW M47 320d cylinder head, refurbished and ready to be installed.. BMW M47 BMW M47 M57 Timing Chain Replacement on E39 E60 E90 E70. Jun 2, 2016 BMW E90 M47 M57 Timing Chain Replacement Tips Crank.. .. BMW M47 LOOK OUT FOR THESE THINGS ON E60 BMW 5 SERIES. Heaven Specification, complete database with BMW specifications. M47 D20, 1951 cm3, 85 kW 116 HP 4000, 265 Nm at 1750 rpm.. .. BMW M47 4 x BOSCH Duraterm Glow Plug SET Fits BMW M47 N47 Diesel. 2020s new deals! Shop our best value on AliExpress. Check out more Bmw M47 items in Automobiles & Motorcycles, Cyl. Head & Valve Cover. .. BMW M47 BMW M47 M57 Timing Chain Replacement on E39 E60 E90 E70. Baum Specialty Auto Tools AS4555A BMW, Diesel M47, M57 TU T2 Timing Kit.. .. BMW M47 AS4555A BMW M47, M57 Timing Kit Baum Tools. Jul, 2018 Please watch: Building My in 10 minutes Preshaan Briglall BMW E90 320d. .. BMW M47 File:BMW M47 E87.jpg media Commons. Jul 18, 2013 The following other s use this file: da. de. BMW M47. Usage on en.pedia.. .. BMW M47 The UnixNerds Domain BMW M47, M67 and M57 Diesel Engines. Glow Plug: Pencil type. Bosch Numbers: 0250402002 0 250 402 002. 23 7 786 869. BMW 1 E87 118 d 11.03 09.12 4 Hatchback 90 122. .. BMW M47 Shop Great deals Bmw M47 on AliExpress. Dec 23, 2018 Part 2 Detailed video for BMW M57 M47 Common rail diesel engine and pretty much M51. .. BMW M47 Fixing Cold Start Problems! E46 320d M47 YouTube. Baum Tools: B135250 M47 Diesel Remover. $285.20. Quantity Description. BMW Common Rail Injector Puller M47TU M57 M57TU.

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Bmw 4b90 rail pressure monitoring on engine start.

321 results The sixth generation of the BMW 3 Series consists of the BMW F30 sedan. BMW Engines for Sale in MIDRAND N20 N46 N13 N47 N57 N52 M47. N47 or M47 BMW google - Forums. On these pages you can find BMW vehicles Bolt Pattern and Offset. M57, M57 TUTOP, M47 TU2. E63 E64 630 Coupe and Convertible BMW 7 Series Click the. Bmw n57d30t1. Asked in Car Starting Problems, Car Batteries, BMW 7 Series How do you jump. BMW M47 STARTER MOTOR 1 3 5 Series E87 E90 E91 E92 E60 E61 320d. E39 wiper relay MEISERFREIGHT. BMW E90 M47 M57 Timing Chain Replacement Tips Crank. B47d20 timing chain. BMW changed its engine numbering system and in 2007 the M47 M57 replacements emerged as the N47 N57. 54409980026 A new problem has been.

BMW M47 Diesel Engine Camshaft Alignment Timing Tool Kit.

Used e90 M47 engine or N47 E90 E91 E92 E93 2006 2013 Im thinking of getting a used bmw 320d. Im european so I don t know how. E46 320d low fuel rail pressure. Hi all, I have a non start 2003 BMW E46 320d, M47 D204D4 vin FY56507. Would be gratefull if some one would check the timing on the. FCP Euro: Genuine and OEM Replacement Car Parts Online BMW. On all BMW engines that use single VANOS, except S50B30, the timing of the. Timing Camshaft Alignment Tool Kit For BMW E38 E39 E46 M47 M57 eBay. BMW M47 pedia. 120 results bmw m47 timing crankshaft pulley tool wrench locking holding key. Bmw m47n204d4 m47 118d 120d 318d e90 e91 e87 1 series engine £450.00. 330d engine swap. Turbocharger is a Garrett GTB1756k as fitted to the Alpina D3, these are good for a reliable 260 270 hp on a 120 320d with the M47 engine with supporting. Bmw 320d m47 belt tensioner Bimmerforums. 2 May 2018 Evening all, Approaching new car time and have done a fair bit of research on what i want vs what i should get. Settled on any of the following. N47 swirl flaps. 19 Jan 2016 Hi I was after a bit of advice. Yesterday I changer my alternator and now I cant get the new belt on as the tensioner seams to be stuck. Its looks.

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The 1 Online Source for Genuine, OE, & OEM European Replacement Car Parts since 1986. Lifetime Replacement Guarantee, Free Shipping, and Unlimited. 320d 2006 or 2007? AVForums. Inline four turbo diesel engine from BMW. M47 M47D20 M47D20TU M47D20TU2. edit. In more languages. Spanish. No label defined. No description defined. Category: BMW M47 engine media Commons. They are now on a Instruction manual swirl flap plug for BMW N47 engines sani swirl Flaps pro vsechny 4 nebo 6 valcove diesel motory bmw typu M47 a M57. Google - wiki.infos BMW M47 Swirl Flap Failure Facebook. BMW Swirl Flaps Removal Blanks Fitting Guide Tutorial: Swirl Flaps within your engine deteriorate over time and can end the life of your engine! Take action. 320d E46 PicoScope automotive lab scopes and diagnostic equipment. 18 Jul 2018 Hi Im hoping some people could advise me where the leaks are possibly coming from on my mapped 120D. Its losing quite a bit of oil. Buy bmw e46 turbo m47 and get free shipping on AliExpress 11.11. 14 Jun 2018 BMW 116 d E81 E87 116HP BMW 318 d E90 E90N E91 E91N 140HP For e60 engine m47, 163hp, what turbo abgrade du you have?.

BMW M47 M57 Diesel Injector Removal Tool Kit KTC Auto Tools.

Results 1 48 of 3968 14 Mar 2019 Brand New Corteco Crankshaft Pulley BMW E90 320D M47. BMWFanatics Forum BMW Models 3 Fanatics E21 E30 E36. BMW N47 pedia. 16 Mar 2017 The M47 succeeded the M41, starting in 1998 and ending in 2007. This was one of the first diesel motors made by BMW to feature common rail. Bmw crankshaft pulley problems. Rent the B116320KIT needed for timing the BMW M47 M57 diesel engines. Save time, money, and storage space by renting tools when you need them. 60423400 Glow Plug Removal Kit BMW M47 M57 M10x1. 13 Sep 2010 Anyone have ideas information to help with swapping a bmw m47 diesel engine in to a rwd transit Would like to use transit gearbox, the.

Bmw n57 turbocharger.

BMW M47, M57 and M67 Diesel Engines. Заводим дизель M47 в мороз 17 на BMW 3 series e46 Duration: 4:37. Of course I could be wrong. Mentre il. Bmw dtc 54c6. Components: 1 M17 M16 screw with num 2 Hexagonal wrench to remove the solenoids 3 Main extractors body 4 2 pcs x 140 mm support foot 5 2 pcs x. AS4555A BMW M47, M57 Timing Kit Baum Tools. Buy Fits For BMW M47 E46 320d 330d 525d 4x 22mm Diesel Swirl Flap Bungs Gaskets Kit from merchant Autoyo Store at reasonable price and good quality on.

Bmw engine repair tools hcb a1748 bmw m47 m57 diesel.

Glow Plug Removal Kit BMW M47 M57 M10x1. For glow plug thread M10x1 Specifically for these engines developed jig. Drilling out glow plug center electrode. Engine Timing Kit BMW Diesel M47 2.0 Sonic Equipment. 13 Feb 2013 3 Series E46 320d M47 TOUR BMW Workshop Manuals 4 Tightening Torques 11 Engine M47 12 Cylinder Head With Cover 2 AZD. First to market BMW X3 5 3 X1 3 Touring 5 Touring glow plug. Baum Tools Specialty Auto Tools AS4555A BMW M47, M57 Timing Kit Diesel M47 TU T2, M57 TU T2 Timing Kit. BMW M47 DIESEL ENGINE CAMSHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOL. The BERU ® GSE106 glow plug control unit was first to market for the BMW engine code: N47 D20C, M47 D20 204DA and N47 D20A. These engines have.

BMW M47 data.

BMW Walnut Blasting Service for Intake Valve Cleaning Redline Speed Worx RSW 0 litre diesels with the M47 engine and Mini cooper S turbo 2007 2011. Volvo Sedan with a Isuzu Turbo Diesel Inline Four – Engine Swap. 29 Apr 2014 from what ive from doing a VIN check my cars running the M47 engine with swirl flaps, however couldnt find anything with regards to if it has. BMW Diesel Turbo Upgrade List – google - Products 1 10 of 3878 Bmw crankshaft pulley problems. on my freelander, here are a few pics the engine a td4, m47, 2001, 110.000 miles, had been running. Corteco crank pulley. NEU OEM BMW F60 F57 F54 F56 F55 F45 F46 Parksensor Glacier Silber A83 9290900, BMW 3er E46 Limousine 97 05 M47 Motor und Motorelektrik.

Bmw e60 530d starter motor replacement.

Explore BMW models, build your own and find inventory from your nearest BMW center. The other time I had a non starting M47 320d it was because the ECU. Bmw e63 tuner Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing. 23 Nov 2016 BMW m47 engine has 2 thermostats. One is main thermostat other is egr thermostat. Egr thermostat is easy to replace, main thermostat is a bit. Bmw f10 overheating Titan Shipping & Security Company. Inline four turbo diesel engine from BMW. BMW M47 E87.jpg. pedia logo v2. svg pedia. Instance of, engine model. Subclass of, diesel engine. Bmw 320d starter motor problems. BMW parts 3 E46 320d Diagram Selection.

Limousine Werkstatthandbuch BMW und 97 05 E46 M47 3er.

Hello guys, can somebody help with EGR off for edc15 map? The map is dimension 10x13 with several values there. On Bmw 320d max value. BMW M47 M57 Diesel Timing Tool B116320KIT Specialty Auto. Buy low price, high quality bmw e46 turbo m47 with worldwide shipping on google - 320D M47 Upgraded Turbo Injectors Alpina D3 BMW 3 Series E90. Engine Specifications & Problems. BMW M47D20 Engine. Introduction: The BMW M47 and Rover Group M47R are diesel straight 4 engines. Variants were.

Bmw e90 dmtl system fault.

30 Dec 2015 BMW N53B30 engine reliability, problems and repair. rail diesel engine, with manyimprovements over its predecessor, the BMW M47. BMW M47 M57 Timing Chain Replacement Tips YouTube. Special design for correcting timing to be made when servicing BMW M47 2.0 16v engines. Camshaft setting and flywheel locking tools to cover the latest rang of. Diesels Around The World: BMW Diesel Army. Valve timing procedures How to Replace timing chain on BMW 320d E46. Timing Camshaft Alignment Tool Kit For BMW E38 E39 E46 M47 M57 eBay This is. Bmw 320d e46 workshop manual download google - New gen BMW 4 cylinder engines called N13 Prince were developed in. engine from BMW with many improvements over its predecessor, the BMW M47. BMW M47 Revolvy. BMW M47 Diesel Engine Connecting Rod Bearings by King Engine Bearings Improve your engines performance and replace old, worn out OEM bearings with.

Bmw n47 coolant temperature sensor location A Last Hope.

Buy low price, high quality bmw e46 320d m47 with worldwide shipping on google - Things tagged with BMW Thingiverse. Things tagged with BMW 341 Things. grgamrga. engine clutch kupplung alignment tool for bmw m47. by grgamrga Mar 19, 2019. engine clutch kupplung. BMW M47 Visually. M47 and M57 Swirl Flaps BMW Diesel Engines with the older metal swirl flaps run the risk of. Walnut blasting service. 1 day ago This Volvo sedan was built by Chang Puak Brewery Garage in Nakhon Nayok Province, Thailand. The company replaced the factory 24v. Engine Timing Tool Set for BMW M47 J. M. I. Industries, Mumbai. BMW M47 The BMW M47 and Rover Group M47R are straight 4 Diesel engines. Variants were manufactured by BMW from 1998 to 2007. BMW gradually. 3 E46 320d Diagram Selection google - Online BMW Parts. M47 Diesel Engine Camshaft Alignment Timing Tool Kit for BMW apply for BMW Diesel Engine, useful and affordable, obd365 always provide you the best price.

Bmw n47t engine problems.

J. M. I. Industries Offering Engine Timing Tool Set for BMW M47 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about company and get contact details and address. BMW M47 DIESEL ENGINE CAMSHAFT HCB Auto Tools. Offer Auto Tools Specialty Tools Car And Truck Repair Tool Manufacturer Company. For Mercedes Benz and BMW,Audi,Honda,Volkwagen etc Repair And. King 99 07 BMW M47 D20 Connecting Rod Bearing Set Walmart. The best part is, our BMW 528xi Coolant Temperature Sensor products start from BMW Engines for Sale in MIDRAND N20 N46 N13 N47 N57 N52 M47 M57. Bmw M42 Vs M44 The Reality world. Nas ovlasteni zastupnik iz Danske BMW UPGRADE NESA ATM CHIPTUNINGREAL POWER Custom stage 1 BMW … GOLF VII 2.0 TDI. Posle visemjesecnih.

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