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Tom Klose

Tom Elliott Klose was an Australian cricketer who played first-class cricket for South Australia in the period between 1939 and 1950. Middle-order batsman, left arm Orthodox spin or medium pace bowler and brilliant fieldsman, Tom Klose was the Au ...


Taneale Peschel

Taneale of Pesala is an Australian cricketer who is a bowling all-rounder Perth scorchers in big League Bash. She made her debut for the Western fury and embers in 2017-18 women big bash championship and represented Australia in cricket. In 2019- ...


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L. Heath


Pierre Smith

Pierre Smith-the Bermuda cricket. He was part of the Bermuda squad in the 2008 under-19 cricket world Cup. In November 2019, he was appointed to the Bermuda squad for the cricket world Cup, the UEFA tournament in Oman. He made his list a debut in ...


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C. M. Ismail

M. S. Ismail was a Burmese cricket, though, where he was born is unknown. It is also not known that his batting and bowling styles were. Ismail made his only first-class appearance for Burma against the Marylebone cricket club in February 1927. H ...


H.G. Nicolson

G. H. Nicholson were the Burmese cricket, though, where he was born is unknown. It is also unknown what Nicolsons batting and bowling styles were. Nicholson made his first class debut for Rangoon Gymkhana in their only first-class match, which ca ...


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Ashurst (1802 cricketer)


Charles Ashwell


Aspinall (1840s cricketer)


W. P. Bailey

P. W. Bailey was an English first-class cricketer. His batting style is also unknown. In the first season Hampshires first-class status, Bailey made a single first-class appearance against middlesex at the cattle market, the land, Islington. Open ...


J. Barker


Robert Barlow (cricketer)

Robert Adeane Barlow was an English first-class cricketer and British army officer. The son of the Reverend William Barlow, son of Admiral Robert Barlow and Louisa Adeane, he was born in Canterbury in February 1827. He studied at the school of Ru ...


William Barnett (MCC cricketer)

William Barnett was an English cricketer, who is active in first-class cricket in the 1830-ies. Barnett made his first-class debut for BS from Marylebone cricket club at Lords, before playing four first-class matches for the MCC in 1837 and 1838. ...


Fred Beart

Frederick Robert Fred Bear was an English first-class cricketer and British army officer. The son of Robert Bear, brick and tile manufacturer, he was born in godmanchester in July 1850. He studied at Marlborough College, before you go up to Wadha ...


Lea Birch

Lea Birch was an English first-class cricketer. Birch was born in Jan 1798 in cartmel, Lancashire. He played first-class cricket in two cases in Manchester, with both matches against Yorkshire in 1844 and 1845 at moss lane. He scored 26 runs with ...


S. Bird (cricketer)


William Birkett (cricketer, born 1839)


Joseph Birley

Joseph Hornby Birley was an English first-class cricketer. Son of Hugh Hornby Birley and Cecily Hornby, he was born in Manchester in March 1827. He was educated at Winchester College, after which he became a merchant in Newton-Le-Willows, Lancash ...


W. Blackwell

W. Blackwell was an English cricketer. Blackfellow batting style is left-handed. Blackwell made a single first-class appearance for the team a left-handed right-handed fixture in 1835 cricket Lords. In a match which the right-hander was won by in ...


E. G. Blain


David Bleakley (cricketer)

David Bleakley was an English first-class cricketer. Born in Lancashire Pilkington in 1817, Bleakley made her debut in first-class cricket for the Manchester vs Sheffield in Sheffield in 1852. He made a second first-class appearance for Mancheste ...


William Boswell (cricketer)

William Gerald Knox Boswell was an English first-class cricketer and British army officer. Son of William albert Boswell and Florence Helen Rotch, he was born in Chelsea in June 1892. He was educated at Eton College before going to new College, O ...


Michael Botting

Michael Bottinga was an English cricketer. Bottings batting style is unknown. Although the date of his birth is not registered, she knew that he was christened on 8 Jan 1795 in Wiston, Sussex. Botovodstvo made a single first-class appearance for ...


Norman Botton

Norman Denis botton of the first class a former English cricketer. Born in Hammersmith in April 1975, botton, attended Hertford College, Oxford. While studying in Oxford, bots played first-class cricket for Oxford University. His debut came again ...


Frederick Bowden-Smith

Frederick Hermann Bowden-Smith was an English first-class cricketer and priest. Son of Reverend Philip Bowden-Smith and Emily Robertson, he was born in April 1841 in Brockenhurst, Hampshire. He was educated in a school in Rugby before going to Tr ...


Joseph Bower

Joseph Bauer was an English cricketer. Bauer fast-medium bowler, although which arm he used to bowl is unknown. Bauer made his first-class debut for Hampshire in 1897, against Cambridge University, with Bower taking three wickets for 55 runs on d ...


Roger Bowles

Roger Andrew Bowles-a former English first-class cricketer. Born in carshalton in February 1936, Bowles attended Brasenose College, Oxford. While studying at Oxford, he made three appearances in first-class cricket for Oxford University in 1957, ...


Trevor Bowring

Trevor Bowring was an English first-class cricketer. Son of George Edward Bowring was born in Reigate in November 1887. He attended the prepratory school of the Reverend Henry Tyndall under Hastings, where he learned to play cricket. From there h ...


C. Bradshaw (Lancashire cricketer)

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