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China Merchants Shenzhen Xunlong Shipping Co. Ltd

China Merchants Shenzhen Xunlong Shipping Co. LTD. otherwise known as Xunlong shipping or Xunlong ferries operates a fast ferry catamaran services from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It is part of China merchants group.



Snav operates a wide network of routes across the Mediterranean and the Adriatic. Naples - Palermo / Pontine Islands / Aeolian Islands. Split - Ancona / Stari Grad / Pescara.


Venezia Lines



Kattegatruten is a Danish company that operates passenger and freight transport through the Kattegat. The company started its activities in September after Mols-Linien 2011 release from the Aarhus - Kalundborg route. This route was suspended in O ...


Scandinavian Ferry Lines

Scandinavian ferry lines or the Shoal has become a new name when AB Linjebuss shipping lines, pounds, operating North of the øresund, the HH ferry route in competition with DSB, merged with the lines of "Svenska Rederi AB öresund - Sundfart", whi ...


Smyril Line

Smyril line is a Faroese shipping company, linking the Faroe Islands with Denmark and Iceland, previously he also served Norway and the United Kingdom. Humbled is the Faroese word for Merlin.



Sundbusserne is a shipping line that only carries foot passengers on the hh ferry route between Elsinore in the North-East Zealand, Denmark-Helsingborg, skåne, Sweden. They started under the Norwegian flag in 1958 and between 1960-ies and the fir ...


Eckero Linjen

Eckero Linjen is a Finnish shipping company operating a ferry between the port of Berghamn in Eckerö in åland and grisslehamn in Sweden. The company is owned by the åland based Rederiaktiebolaget Eckero. Eckero Linjen is not to be confused with t ...


SeaWind Line

Comfort line is a subsidiary of the Finnish passenger shipping company Silja Line, later owned by the Estonian company Tallink. In 2010, the brand wind from the sea has ceased to exist and the rest of the ships, the MS sea wind, was transferred t ...



SuperSeaCat was a shipping company operating ferries between Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia 2006-2008. He was co-owned by sea containers and Greece-based Aegean speed lines. The term SuperSeaCat has been used as name for sea containers, t ...



MyFerryLink was an English channel passenger and freight ferry company which began operating between Dover and Calais in August 2012. In the MyFerryLink fleet consists of two modern ferries – sister ships the MS Rodin and Madame Berlioz – that ca ...


Penn-ar-Bed (company)

Penn-AR-bed is a French shipping company provides a ferry service between finistère and the Islands of wassan, Molene and sein every day of the year, according to the contract, the State service of the General Conseil du finistère. It is named af ...


DFDS Lisco


Forde Reederei Seetouristik

Reederei Ford Seetouristik or fast reliable Seaways is a German transport company specializing in passenger ferry and freight transport. Initially a regional passenger ferry operator, founded in 1866, was expanded in recent years in the internati ...


European Seaways


Superfast Ferries

Superfast ferries is a Greece-based ferry company founded in 1993 by Pericles Panagopulos and Alexander Panagopulos. Superfast ferries is member of Attica Group and operates 3 car-passenger ferries, offering daily connections between Ancona and B ...


Ventouris Ferries

Ventouris ferries operates two routes across the Adriatic sea. Bari - Corfu - Igoumenitsa - Sami Kefalonia - Zakynthos Rigel I. Bari - Corfu - Igoumenitsa And Bari Rigel. Bari - Durres Rigel II and Rigel III.


Flemingo Liners

Flemingo liners is a ferry operator. The company primarily operates Colombo-Tuticorin ferry service, which was restored by the governments of India and Sri Lanka and also operates duty-free shops at the passenger terminals in India and Colombo. H ...


Ferry companies of Northern Ireland


Virtu Ferries

Virtu Ferries is a Maltese company founded in 1988 that runs a ferry from Malta to Sicily by catamaran. It has a subsidiary Venezia line, which runs seasonal services from Venice. It annually carries more than 250.000 passengers and 25.000 vehicl ...


Camellia Line

Camellia Line Co., LTD. is a shipping company that provides cargo passenger vessel connecting the port of Hakata in Japan and Busan in South Korea. It was founded in a joint venture in Japan, NYK in Japan and delivery of the Crust in Korea.


JR Miyajima Ferry

Junior island ferry is a ferry route between Miyajimaguchi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima and Miyajima. Junior Miyajima ferries are operated West Junior ferry to Ko.LTD. JR西日本宮島フェリー株式会社, Jeiāru Nishinihon Miyajima Ferī the Kabushiki Kaisha, ...


Miyajima Matsudai Kisen

In miyajima matsudai Kisen society is a Japanese ferry company based in Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima, Japan. In miyajima matsudai Kisen operates the ferries between Miyajimaguchi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima and Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine. Between Miyajima ...


Ferry companies of Lagos


Color Line (ferry operator)

The color line is the largest cruiseferry line operating on routes to and from Norway. The company is also one of the leading operators in Europe. Color line provides transportation of people and cargo, hotel accommodation, shops, restaurants and ...


Fjord Line

Fjord line is a Norwegian ferry operator offering services between Norway, Denmark and Sweden. In addition to passenger transport, fjord line operates cargo transport through the cargo division in Norway and Denmark.


Ferry companies of Akershus


Ferry companies of Buskerud


Ferry companies of Finnmark


Ferry companies of Hordaland


Ferry companies of More og Romsdal


Ferry companies of Nordland


Ferry companies of Ostfold


Ferry companies of Rogaland


Ferry companies of Telemark


Ferry companies of Troms


Ferry companies of Trondelag


Ferry companies of Vest-Agder


Ferry companies of Vestfold


Transtejo & Soflusa

Transtejo & Soflusa is a public ferry company operating between Lisbon, on the right Bank of the Tagus river, on the left Bank of the river at Trafaria, Porto brandão, Casillas, Seixas, Montijo and Barreiro.



Euroferrys was a Spanish ferry company that operates passenger and cargo roll it / roll-off between Algeciras and the North African port of Tangier and Ceuta.



Izdeniz is a municipality, a company that responds to short-distance Maritime transport and ferry terminals in Izmir, Turkey Bay.


Ferry companies of England


Ferry companies of Scotland


Ferry companies of Wales


Ferry companies of California


Ultrapetrol (Bahamas) Limited

Ultrapetrol-Argentine operator of river barges. He has worked with companies such as Petrobras. In early 2017, Ultrapetrol Bahamas Ltd was the author of a new York judge to begin Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. At that time it was "the owner o ...



For the song, see Blind Melon Holy is an Australian company that operated cargo ships and ferries in Australia and other countries. The company had three departments, inland navigation and transportation, ferries and processing of bulk cargoes. T ...


Ashcroft Terminal

Ashcroft terminal is a dry port and a private internal congestion, container storage and distribution centre and a member of the canadian governments in the Asia-Pacific corridor initiative in Ashcroft, British Columbia. Located 340 km East of Va ...


Canadian Forest Navigation Group

Canadian forest navigation is a canadian transport company. It operates a fleet of nearly four dozen bulk carriers. Most of these vessels between ports on the North American Great lakes or Saint Lawrence Seaway. Nerd boat announced in 2002, the f ...

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