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Victor Cleary


Clem Hanley


Clifford Barnes (Neighbours)


Clive West


Sam Cole (Neighbours)


Colin Burke


Colin Taylor (Neighbours)


Tim Collins (Neighbours)


Cooper Knights


Courtney Grixti


Craig Pinders


Craig Quill


Dahl (Neighbours)


Dan Fielding (Neighbours)


Danielle Horvat


Dannielle Horvat


Darren Wood (Neighbours)


David "Fanto" Hodges


Dakota Davies


Tracey Dawson


Dean Mahoney


Debbie Morris


Will Dempier


Dennis Wilton


Laura Dennison


Nikki Dennison


Derek Meeps


Derek Morris (Neighbours)


Derek Wilton (Neighbours)


Detective Illich


Aidan Devlin


Dilhan Ozdil


Dennis Dimato


Joey Dimato


Donald Henson


Dora Dietrich


Doreen Cassidy


Dorothy Stevens (Neighbours)


Joanna Douglas (Neighbours)


Richard Downing


Drew Grover


Dustin Oliver


Barry Dwyer


Ebony Buttrose


Edith Chubb


Eli Baker (Neighbours)


Elissa Gallow


Victoria Elmahdi


Emilia (Neighbours)


Emma Gordon

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