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Rick Booth


Riley Hawkins


Robbo (Home and Away)


Ross Nixon


Steven Ross (Home and Away)


Samantha Benson


Scarlett Snow


Isla Schultz


Sean Gleeson (Home and Away)


Simmo (Home and Away)


Simone Bedford


Skye Peters


Bryce Stewart


Caroline Stewart


Tane Parata


Tank Snelgrove


Tanya Osborne (Home and Away)


Sophie Taylor (Home and Away)


Taz (Home and Away)


Teresa Masterson


Mitch Todd


Trevor Gunson


Ranae Turner


Ty Anderson (Home and Away)


Blaine Varden


Wally Burns


Jordan Walsh


Samantha Webster


Wendy Shaw


William Zannis


Wendy Williams (Home and Away)


Jeannie Woods


Ziggy Astoni


Vance Abernethy


Alan Briggs (Neighbours)


Alec Brewster


Alf Taylor (Neighbours)


Alison Gore


Alistair OConnor


Allen Lawrence


Alysia Aberyratne


Amanda Fowler (Neighbours)


Amanda Harris (Neighbours)


Amelia Moon


Andrea Somers


Angela Lane


Angelina Jackson


Angus Beaumont-Hannay


Anne Robinson-Pappas


Annie Robinson-Pappas

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