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Linda Renshaw


Lucy Day


Maria Simons


Max Derwin


Max Lawson


Melanie Farmer


Melanie Hart


Meredith Lovechild


Myra Costello


Pearl McHugh


Pete Callan


Alex Renshaw


Rex Randall


Robert Davenport (Family Affairs)


Rosa Marshall


Sally Hart (Family Affairs)


Sami Shafiq


Adrian Scott (Family Affairs)


Sean Steel


Sharon Ingram


Adam Sheldrake


Siobhan Jones


Siobhan Langley


Susie Ross


Tanya Ayuba


Tom Shackleford


Trish Wallace


Vince Farmer


Ziggy Pascal


Imani (Port Charles)


Felicia Jones Scorpio


Ned Quartermaine


Stacey Sloan


Dr. Frederick Bauer


Dr. Rick Bauer


Ed bauer


Ed Bauer


Frank Achilles Cooper Jr.


Frank Cooper Jr.


Gus Aitoro


H.B. Lewis


Hillary Bauer


Hope Bauer


Michelle Bauer (Guiding Light)


Michelle Bauer Santos


Michelle Santos


Rick Bauer (GL)


Rick Bauer (Guiding Light)


Dr. Barton


Billy Brodie

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