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Frances Marsden


Ronnie Marsden


Matthew Dingle


Matty Barton


Anghrad McAllister


Kate McCarthy (Emmerdale)


Meg Armstrong


Mel Doland


Lesley Meredith


Amba Metcalfe


Theo Metcalfe (Emmerdale)


Tracy Shankley


Michael Conway (Emmerdale)


Michael Feldmann


Mick Naylor


Mike Swirling


Miss Jean Strickland


Moira Stanley


Harry Mowlem


Ray Mullen


Ned Glover


Neil DePaul


Nellie Dingle


Nellie Lynch


Neville Gunn


Niamh O’Connor (character)


Noah Macey


Noah Sharma


Noah Tate


Isaac Nuttall


Olena Petrovich


Olivia Flaherty


Pa Barton


Tania Page


Pam Montclare


Pete Whiteley


Pete Whiteley Jr.


Peter Whiteley Jr.


Abi Peterson


Phil Weston (Emmerdale)


Pierce Harris


Laura Prior


Rachel Whatmore


Reg Dawson


Ollie Reynolds


Hazel Rhodes


Richard Montclare


Dennis Rigg


Robbie (Emmerdale)


Gerry Roberts

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