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Osman Oz Bolat


Oxley "Walford attacker"


Apostulous Papadopolous


Parveen (EastEnders)


PC Paula Campbell


Pearl Fox


Peter Pappas


Detective Sergeant Quick


Rebecca Fowler


Rebecca Miller (EastEnders)


Rev. Adam Cherry


Rev. David Walsh


Rev. Mary Lavender


Rev. Tom Stuart


Reverend George Stevens


Rezaul Gabir


Richard Mitchell (EastEnders)


Robert Lister


Rodney Morris (EastEnders)


Rose (EastEnders)


Rose Slater


Roya Masood


S J Fletcher


Sam James (EastEnders)


Sarah-Jane (EastEnders)


Sarah-Jane Fletcher


Sarah-Jane Fletcher (EastEnders)


Scarlett Butcher


Selena Branning


Sheena Menell


Sheree (EastEnders)


Aleks Shirov


Ineta Shirovs


Sid Fletcher


Karin Smart


Sophie Willmott-Brown


Stalker Sarah


Bella Young


DC Emma Summerhayes


Susie Gilbride


Bernie Taylor




The Reverend George Stevens


The Reverend Mr Stevens


The Reverend Stevens


Tomas (EastEnders)


Tracey the barmaid


Tracy (EastEnders)


Tracy the barmaid


Trish Taylor

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