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Janice Parkman


Maury Parkman


Arthur Petrelli


Heidi Petrelli


Victoria Pratt (Heroes)


Claude Rains (Heroes)


West Rosen


Scott (Heroes)


Serious looking woman


Alice Shaw


Mira Shenoy


Dale Smither


Ted Sprague


Amanda Strazzulla


Joseph Sullivan (Heroes)


Chandra Suresh


Shanti Suresh


Zane Taylor (Heroes)


Thompson (Heroes)


Vanessa Wheeler


Jackie Wilcox


Candice Wilmer


Aaron (Lost)


Alex (Lost)


Alex Linus


Alexandra (Lost)


Alexandra Linus


Alexandra Rousseau


Alexandra Rousseau (Lost)


Annie (Lost)



Arzt is a surname of German origin, meaning physician. Notable people with the name include: Leslie Arzt, a fictional character on Lost Eduardo Arzt born 1953, Argentine molecular biologist Donna Arzt 1954–2008, American legal scholar


Leslie Arzt


Sam Austen


Bea Klugh


Bernard (Lost)


Bernard Nadler


Black Smoke Monster (Lost)


Bonnie (Lost)


Boone (Lost)


Boone Carlisle


Carole Littleton


Pierre Chang


Charlie (Lost)


Charlie Hieronymus Pace


Charlotte (Lost)


Charlotte Staples Lewis


Christian Shepherd


Cindy Chandler (Lost)


Claire (Lost Character)


Claire (Lost)

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