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Los Mismos

Los Mismos, previously known as Los Bukis, is a Mexican Grupera music band from Ario de Rosales, Michoacan. The band was established in June 1996, after Marco Antonio Solis left the band Los Bukis, the remaining members regrouped as Los Mismos. U ...


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Azul y Negro

Azul y Negro is a Spanish synthpop music duo that was founded in 1981 by Carlos Garcia-Vaso, a multi instrumentalist, songwriter and producer, and Joaquin Montoya.



Spanish pop band formed by Juan Azagra vocals and guitar, Francisco Barroso guitar, Isidro Lucuix bass, Carlos Moreno keyboard and synthesizers and Miguel Angel Campos drums.



Elial is a Castilian Spanish, experimental pop band based in Valencia, Spain. The band was founded by members Alberto Amar and Eli m Rufat in July 2012. Their influences include James Blake, Portishead, Pirates, and Radiohead.


La Guardia (band)

Not to be confused with the American alt-rock band Laguardia La Guardia is a Spanish pop-rock band. They were especially famous in the late 1980s and early 1990s, although they are still active today. They have sold more than 2 million records.


Miss Caffeina

Miss Caffeina are a pop group from Spain who have released a number of singles since 2007. They have also released four albums since 2010. They recently had a number-one album in their country.


Sonia & Selena

Sonia & Selena, also known as Sonia y Selena, was a Spanish Latin pop duo formed by Sonia Madoc and Selena Leo in 2000. They gained success with their first album Yo quiero bailar. The group dissolved in 2002.


Bomba (band)

Bomba are an Australian funk and reggae band from Melbourne. Led by Maltese-Australian Nicky Bomba, they are renowned internationally for their "energetic live shows and passionate performances", although they are more popular at home. They have ...


Sticky Fingers (band)

Sticky Fingers is a reggae/indie rock band formed in 2008 in Sydney. The band consists of Dylan Frost, Paddy Cornwall, Seamus Coyle, Beaker Best and Freddy Crabs. Former band member Taras Hrubyj-Piper left the band in 2009, shortly after their de ...


Sway (band)


Esther Jones (singer)

Esther Jones was an American soul singer and choreographer, best known as the "longest-lasting Ikette" in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. In the 1980s, she was the lead vocalist in the band Formula 5.


Wash (singer)

Ronald Washington Jr. grew up in Port Arthur, Texas. His parents were both pastors, who encouraged him to learn to play drums. He later learned to play saxophone and piano. His stage name, Wash, originated as abbreviation of his surname. In betwe ...



Bazuka was an American instrumental R&B group, put together by the record producer Tony Camillo. They released a self-titled album on A&M Records in 1975 which featured the song "Dynomite", a #10 hit in the US Billboard pop chart that yea ...


Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows

Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows was an American blues and rhythm and blues group. The frontman was the singer and harmonica player Larry "Big Twist" Nolan. He began singing in church at the age of six. During the 1950s he sang and played drums i ...


The Bosstones

The Bosstones were an American musical group who performed in the instrumentally-sparse, a cappella-based harmonic style known as Philadelphia doo-wop. The Bosstones apparently released only one record in their history: "Mope-Itty Mope" b/w "Wing ...


The Cardinals

The Cardinals were an American R&B group of the 1950s. Sharing a legacy with the Orioles, The Cardinals are remembered as one of the best R&B ballad acts to come out of Baltimore.


The Hollywood Argyles

The Hollywood Argyles were an American musical ensemble, assembled for studio recordings by the producer and songwriter Kim Fowley and his friend and fellow musician Gary S. Paxton. They had a US number one hit record, "Alley Oop" in 1960.


Johnny Keyes and the Magnificents

Johnny Keyes and the Magnificents are an American doo wop group from the 1950s. The group sometimes backs up Harvey Fuqua as The Moonglows and Hal Miller as The Rays. The members of the group Johnny Keyes tenor lead, Thurman "Ray" Ramsey tenor, F ...


The Modulations

The Modulations were an American R&B vocal group from Durham, North Carolina consisting of singer-songwriters Larry Allen, Larry Duncan, Hoyle Saunders and Henry Chanel. The other group of Modulations that sung with Glenn Jones are not affili ...


The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.

The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. was an American R&B and dance music group, assembled by Robert Clivilles and David Cole of C&C Music Factory, that was active in 1992. The group featured lead vocals by Michelle Visage, who was formerly a member ...


The Transitions

The Transitions were an R&B group formed in the early 2000s in the United States. They were signed to the record label Universal Music Group. The group was hand-picked by veteran R&B artist Michael Bivins. Each member of the trio came to ...


Wilmer & the Dukes

Wilmer and the Dukes were a United States R&B band in upstate New York in the 1960s. Though they produced only a handful of singles and one album, they performed regularly, and had a dedicated following. One reviewer said, "In Geneva, there w ...


ZaSu Pitts Memorial Orchestra

The ZaSu Pitts Memorial Orchestra was formed in San Francisco by Stephen Ashman, a bass-player. They released several LPs in the 1984-1987 time period and continue to be active. The Orchestra did not have any overt connection to ZaSu Pitts beyond ...


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American Southern Rock musicians


Doris Allen (singer)

Doris Allen was an American soul singer. She and Genie Pace were signed to the independent label Jade Records, started by former Bethlehem Records executive Jim Bright, in 1957. Billboard magazine referred to them as "thrushes". Allen went on to ...


Maxayn Lewis

Maxayn Lewis is an American soul singer, musician, songwriter, and producer. Her career began in the 1960s as member of the Ikettes in the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. In the 1970s, Lewis sang lead in the band Maxayn with her then-husband Andre Lewis ...


Pat Powdrill

Pat Powdrill was an American soul singer and songwriter best known as being a member of the Ikettes. She recorded as a solo artist, releasing singles on Reprise Records and Downey Records. Powdrill also worked as backing vocalist for various artists.


Canadian heavy metal bass guitarists


English country guitarists


German heavy metal bass guitarists


Tuck Andress


Preston Wimberly

Preston Wimberly is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Houston, Texas known for performing in the Southern rock band The Wild Feathers from its formation in 2010 until 2016. After his departure from The Wild Feathers, Wimberly joi ...


The Coleman Brothers

The Coleman Brothers were an American gospel group formed in Newark, New Jersey, in 1932. Influenced by family members and Southern black gospel traditions, the ensemble recorded 18 singles during the peak of their popularity in the 1940s under t ...


Phipps Family

The Phipps Family was an American country music group that consisted mainly of Arthur Leroy Phipps and Kathleen Norris Helton, with the addition of various children. They became known as interpreters of the Carter Family style, and they did it so ...


Sons of Song

Sons of Song were an American gospel male voice trio. The trio comprised Calvin Newton, Don Butler, and Bob Robinson. Their greatest success came with the 1960 album Wasted Years, named after the title song Wasted Years. The follow up album was U ...


Hilary Gardner

She grew up in Wasilla, Alaska. At an early age she was attracted to the voice of Ella Fitzgerald, particularly the album Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Cole Porter Songbook. She has also expressed admiration for Patsy Cline, Aretha Franklin, Joni Mit ...


Honi Gordon

Honi Gordon sang as a member of the Gordons with her father and two brothers in the early 1950s. Her first recordings, in 1953, were with them and Hank Jones piano, Charles Mingus bass, and Max Roach drums. They were released on Debut Records Aut ...


Sugaree Noel Bridges


Jimmy Velvet

Jimmy Tennant, better known as Jimmy Velvet, was an early American soft rock and roll vocalist, during the 1960s. His most popular singles were "We Belong Together" and "Its Almost Tomorrow".


Black Cat Rebellion

Black Cat Rebellion is a punk rooted rock n roll band formed in 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana by Brad St. Patrick, and Rob Nuetzmann. Many comparisons have been made to their sound, including: 77 Punk, Garage, Post Punk, and Deathrock.


740 Boyz

740 Boyz is a Dominican-American dance music group founded in 1991, by Winston Rosa aka BIG WIN from New York City. BIG WIN worked with several singers including Shaggy and DJ Jazzy Jay. While working in a studio called INS Studios in New York Ci ...


Anthony and the Camp

Anthony and the Camp is a dance music group led by producer Anthony Malloy. The group also consists of Crawford Peterson, Henley Goddard and Linden Aaron. Malloy, who already had a number-one hit on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with his fo ...


The Azoic

In October 1996, they received a record contract from Worm Records and released their first CD, The Divine Suffering, in April 1997. Shawn left the band in early 1998 to pursue an alternate musical direction. Their second CD, Where Broken Angels ...


Cold Water Army

Cold Water Army was an American rock band that existed for several years in Tallahassee, Florida, and broke up over the summer of 1995. The band had two recordings that were released, the first a cassette-only release entitled Eliot Ness, and the ...


Dominatrix (band)

Dominatrix was a synthpop band from New York City, best remembered for their 1984 club hit, "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight". Although the group was short lived, their lone hit single was highly influential in the freestyle genre.


The Flirts

The Flirts was a project concept group formed by Bobby "O" Orlando to further front his performances as an artist, musician and songwriter. The group consisted of Orlando and featured an ever revolving roster of female session singers and models. ...

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