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Czech psychedelic rock groups


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German psychedelic rock music groups


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Norwegian psychedelic rock music groups


Tully (band)

Tully was an Australian progressive rock group of the late 1960s and 1970s which had a close association with the Sydney-based film/lightshow collective Ubu and with psychedelic light show artist Roger Foley aka Ellis D Fogg.


List of alternative rock bands


Thousand Thoughts (band)

Thousand Thoughts are a British alternative rock band formed by Ethan Smith in Enfield, North London. The group consists of lead vocalist Ethan Smith, guitarist Jack Botterill, guitarist William Fox, bassist Matt Morrell and drummer Adam Field. T ...


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List of dark rock bands


Lord of the Lost

Lord of the Lost was founded in mid-2007 by Chris Harms as a solo project. While working on the initial songs and publishing them on MySpace, Harms received a lot of positive reception and realized that he would require a full band to play them l ...


List of garage rock bands

The following is a list of notable garage rock bands. It is not exclusive to collective bands, but also includes solo acts who have created music in this style. The list features artists from the US and Canada, but also includes similar acts from ...


The Beefeaters

The Beefeaters were a Danish garage rock band active from 1964–71. A precursor to this band was formed in Copenhagen in early 1964, but their strong orientation towards blues-rock began only with the arrival of Peter Thorup in 1966. In 1967, The ...


Grinder Blues (band)

Grinder Blues is a hard rock blues trio that features Doug Pinnick of Kings X, guitarist and vocalist Jabo Bihlman and Scot "Little" Bihlman on drums, percussion and vocals.


On the Rocks (band)

On The Rocks is an international rock band formed by British, Dutch and Brazilian musicians with different musical backgrounds. This range of influences leads to a unique style.


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Gone Bald

Gone Bald is a noise rock band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The band was founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 1994. Soon thereafter, the band hitch-hiked to Amsterdam and thats where the band still lives, even though singer/guitarplayer Razorblade J ...


Recs of the flesh



In the winter of 2012 Candlemass founder and bass player Leif Edling started to work on a new project and wrote a few demos. Looking for musical partners, he first reached out to his friend, Opeth front man Mikael Akerfeldt, but due to a lack of ...


List of post-rock bands

This article provides a list of post-rock bands. The list is not exhaustive, but bands that are added to this list are considered to be notable in the genre.



Spoiwo is a musical group created in 2009 in Gdansk, Poland. Until the end of 2018, the band had five members. In 2019, two of the members left the band, and instead they were joined by Patryk Piatkowski. On 13 March 2015, Spoiwo released their d ...


Norwegian post-rock groups


Scar for Life

Scar For Life is a Portuguese hard rock band from Lisbon, formed in 2008 by guitarist/composer Alexandre Santos. As of 2017, the band has released four studio albums, a compilation, a number of singles, and a live album. Scar For Lifes lineup has ...


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The Fire Escape

The Fire Escape was an American psychedelic rock band formed in San Francisco, California, in 1967. Existing mainly as a studio group composed of unknown session musicians, the band was masterminded by record producer Kim Fowley and Michael Lloyd ...


Music Emporium

Music Emporium was an American psychedelic rock band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1967. Fronted by experimental multi-instrumentalist Bill "Casey" Cosby, the group was created at UCLA, and developed a sound centered around Cosbys keyboar ...


Pisces (band)

Pisces was an American psychedelic rock band formed in Rockford, Illinois, in 1967. During the bands existence, they recorded two singles and an albums worth of unreleased material before disbanding. In 2009, the Numero Group released the album A ...


Brewers Droop

Brewers Droop was a Southern English pub rock band of the early 1970s. Though they did not chart, they are notable as an early exponent of the pub rock style, as well as for their connections with Dire Straits, as both Mark Knopfler and Pick With ...



Esquela is an American roots rock band from Bovina, a small rural town in Upstate New York. Formed in 2010 by John "Chico" Finn and Keith Christopher, Esquelas current lineup includes John "Chico" Finn, Rebecca Frame, Brian Shafer, and Matt Woodi ...



Piperia is a genus of the orchid family Orchidaceae. These plants are known as rein orchids. They are native to western North America, especially California and the Pacific Northwest. This genus has the following characteristics: a bisexual peren ...



Bloodrock was an American hard rock band based in Fort Worth, Texas, that had success in the 1970s. The band emerged from the Fort Worth club and music scene during the early to mid-1970s.


Gator Country

Gator Country was an American Southern rock band formed in Davie, Florida, in 2005 by several ex-members of the Southern rock group Molly Hatchet. The band, founded by vocalist Jimmy Farrar, guitarist Duane Roland, drummer Bruce Crump, guitarist ...


Holman Autry Band

Holman Autry Band consists of 4 Madison County, GA natives: Brodye Brooks, Casey King, Josh Walker, Brandon Myers Influences include Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ronnie Milsap, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Me ...


Junior (band)

Junior is a pop punk\southern rock band from Gladewater, Texas, formed by Kiley Bland, Adam Hoffoss and Steve Cox. The three guys were born surrounded by "rednecks", their dream was to escape from the little boring city. Kiley and Steve started p ...


Organ Thieves

Organ Thieves is a southern and soul-influenced experimental hard rock side project by Brown Brigade guitarists Chuck Coles and Dave Baksh, formed by Coles in mid-2008. It has since become their main project.


Sons of Texas

Sons of Texas was formed in McAllen, Texas in 2013. Shortly thereafter, the band was signed to Razor & Tie and entered the studio with producer Josh Wilbur. The music video for the first official track from the band, "Baptized In The Rio Grande," ...


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