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Orion Cinema


Films set in Berkshire


Television shows set in Berkshire


Television shows set in Merseyside


Video games set in East Sussex


Video games set in Yorkshire


Christianity in Cambridgeshire


Christianity in Cumbria


Christianity in Derbyshire


Christianity in Devon


Christianity in the East Riding of Yorkshire


Christianity in Hampshire


Christianity in Kent


Christianity in Lancashire


Christianity in Greater Manchester


Christianity in Merseyside


Christianity in North Yorkshire


Christianity in Nottinghamshire


Christianity in Somerset


Christianity in South Yorkshire


Christianity in Sussex


Christianity in the West Midlands (county)


Christianity in West Yorkshire


Christianity in Worcestershire


Christianity in Yorkshire


Monasteries in Bedfordshire


Monasteries in Berkshire


Bishops of Buckingham


Monasteries in Buckinghamshire


Monasteries in Cheshire


Monasteries in Cumbria


Monasteries in Derbyshire


Religion in Derby


Monasteries in Devon


Bishop of Sherborne

The Bishop of Sherborne is an episcopal title which takes its name from the market town of Sherborne in Dorset, England. The see of Sherborne was established in around 705 by St Aldhelm, the Abbot of Malmesbury. This see was the mother diocese of ...


Bishops of Sherborne


Monasteries in County Durham


Monasteries in East Sussex


Monasteries in Essex


Monasteries in Gloucestershire


Bury Hebrew Congregation

Bury Hebrew Congregation, also known as Bet Knesset Shaar HahShamayim is an Orthodox synagogue, serving the Jewish community in the Sunnybank, Unsworth and Hollins area of North Manchester.


Anglican suffragan bishops in the Diocese of Hereford


Monasteries in Herefordshire


Monasteries in Hertfordshire


Monasteries in Kent


Monasteries in Lancashire


Monasteries in Leicestershire


Bishop of Lindsey

The Bishop of Lindsey was a prelate who administered an Anglo-Saxon diocese between the 7th and 11th centuries. The episcopal title took its name after the ancient Kingdom of Lindsey.


Monasteries in Lincolnshire


Monasteries in Merseyside

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