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UEFA Super Cup


GCC Champions League

Champions League Persian Gulf, formerly known as the Gulf Cup for clubs, was annually held football League tournament for clubs of the Arabian Peninsula. The tournament was first organized in 1982, and the last time in 2015, the 31st edition. Att ...


Arab Club Champions Cup


Arab Cup Winners Cup


GCC Champions League


2020 AFF Championship

The 2020 AFF championship will be the 13th of the AFF championship, the football championship of Nations of the branch of the football Federation of ASEAN, and 7th under the title of AFF Suzuki Cup. The final tournament will be held on November 2 ...


2020 AFF Championship


2017 AFF U-16 Girls Championship

In 2017 AFF u-15 championship girls 2nd edition of the AFF u-15 girls championship, the international womens football tournament organized by the football Federation of ASEAN. The tournament was organized in Vientiane, Laos from 8 to 20 may 2017. ...


2020 ASEAN Club Championship

2021 club championship ASEAN 2020 or ACC will be the third championship club, ASEAN, international Association football competition between teams of Amateur clubs parties associated with the member associations of the Federation of football of AS ...


AFC Challenge Cup


AFC Solidarity Cup


2017 Copa Centroamericana templates


CONCACAF Womens Championship


2004 CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament squads

Below are the rosters for the 2004 CONMEBOL men pre-Olympic tournament held in Chile. Ten national teams involved in the tournament were required to register a team of 20 players, only players in these squads are eligible to participate in the to ...


2020 CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament squads

CONMEBOL pre-Olympic tournament in 2020 will host the international football tournament of the Association will be held in Colombia, from 18 January to 9 February 2020. Ten national teams involved in the tournament were required to register a tea ...


National team appearances in the FIFA Confederations Cup

Legend GS – group stage. X - do not enter / withdrew from continental championship / Confederation did not take part. - Home. (- Домой) 4th – fourth place. 2nd – second place. - Did not qualify. 1st – Champions. (1-й – чемпионы) 3rd – third place ...


List of FIFA Confederations Cup goalscorers

This article lists all the countries top scorer in the FIFA Confederations Cup. Numbers in green means the player finished as the best goal-scorer or joint top scorer.


List of FIFA Confederations Cup red cards

This is a list of all red cards shown during FIFA confederations Cup, i.e., instances when a player was eliminated from game in the soccer Confederations Cup final match. As FIFA is the governing body of football, official red cards are only note ...


FIFA Confederations Cup tournaments


UEFA Nations League templates


2020–21 UEFA Nations League table templates


Palestine Cup of Nations

The Palestine Cup of Nations is a football tournament held between Arab countries. The tournament apparently acted as replacement for the Arab Nations Cup during the long interruption between 1966 and 1985 and does not take into account how the A ...


Xaverian Hawks


List of Philadelphia Sphas seasons

Philadelphia Sphas of the American professional basketball team, active from 1917 to 1959. Throughout the tenure of the teams they played in many ramshackle League, which was commonplace at the time, before the formation of the NBA. Most of the e ...


1917–18 Philadelphia Sphas season

In the 1917-18 season was the first for the team, which will be the Philadelphia Sphas. To play in minor-League American Basketball Leagues Philadelphia team was known as the Philadelphia YMHA, as they were organized by the local branch of the As ...


1918–19 Philadelphia Sphas season

The 1918-19 season was the first season the team played as the Sphas, a teams second season in the minor League American League of Philadelphia. Game-by-game records that are not available in this season.


1919–20 Philadelphia Sphas season

In the 1919-20 season the third season of the Philadelphia Sphas in the American League of Philadelphia and the second season as Sphas. Game-by-game records are not available for this season. It was the first season that the Sphas finished with a ...


1920–21 Philadelphia Sphas season


1921–22 Philadelphia Sphas season

In the season of 1921-22 was the fifth and final season Sphas played in the American League of Philadelphia, as the League dissolved before the term was completed. The team is called the Philadelphia Passion, Gottlieb, Black to records in the Lea ...


1922–23 Philadelphia Sphas season

In the 1922-23 season the first season plays Sphas of the Philadelphia League and the whole season the team played in the League. In the Manufacturers League, consisting of teams of local industry, the Sphas were renowned as Philadelphia Passion, ...


1923–24 Philadelphia Sphas season

In the season 1923-24 was the second Sphas played in the League Philadelphia. This season marked a number of notable innovations for the team, including his first season of games more than 20 games and teams first championship. Game-by-game recor ...


1933–34 Philadelphia Sphas season

The Philadelphia Sphas were an early American professional basketball team. In season 1933-34 was first played in the American Basketball League Sphas, although they played in the ABL from 1926-1928 as the "Philadelphia Warriors", no relation to ...


Beitar Tel Aviv F.C. seasons


Beitar Tel Aviv F.C. templates


2017 Asian Winter Games medal table


FKF Womens Division One

In the FKF womens division for the second womens football League in the Kenyan football League system. It is controlled by the football Federation of Kenya.


Brisbane Womens Premier League

In Brisbane womens Premier League, BWPL, the first tier womens adult football in Brisbane, Queensland, in the overall standings and third in Australia. The League saw a change in 2016 with new sponsor, being known as MT. Franklin womens Premier L ...


Brisbane Womens Premier League Reserves

Introduced in 2016, as a double womens Brisbane Premier League, BWPL, he works as part of the first tier of womens adult football in Brisbane, Queensland, in the overall standings and third in Australia.


Womens National Soccer League

The national womens soccer League best Association Australian womens football League. Originally known as Ansett Australia summer series for sponsorship reasons, the WNSL began in 1996 consisting of six clubs and continued until 2004, folding clo ...


National Premier Leagues NSW Women’s

National Premier League NSW women, also known as the NPL NSW women, several football competitions in New South Wales, Australia. The competition is conducted by football NSW, the organizations in New South Wales. The League is a subdivision struc ...


National Premier Leagues Victoria Women

The national Premier League Victoria women, commonly known as the NPL Victoria womens or NPLV women is a semi-professional womens Association football League in Victoria, Australia. This is the highest League for women in Victoria, and was part o ...


Senior Womens National Football Championship

India womens football championship womens football tournament which is contested by States and government institutions in India. He started playing in 1991. The League consists of 30 teams during the season 2019-20. She organized the entire footb ...


Calcutta Womens Football League

Calcutta womens football League, also known as super division, the highest division womens football League in the Indian state of West Bengal. The League is organized by the Indian Football Association, the official football body of the state.


Womens Premiership (Northern Ireland)

Womens Premiership is the top level womens football League Northern Ireland. The League was called division NIWFA League 1 until 2003 and the Premier League until 2015. In 2016, it was renamed the womens Premier League and football League or afte ...


Defunct top level womens association football leagues in Europe


Segunda Division Pro (women)

Segunda division Pro, also called Reto Iberdrola for sponsorship reasons, is the second level of competition in the League on the Spanish womens football season 2019-20 I. This is the female equivalent of mens Liga Segunda and is controlled by Ro ...




Belgian Womens Third Division

Belgian womens third division was the fourth top-tier womens football League of Belgium. It started in 1990 in just one season. In the 2001/02 season they were again restored to the Department. The competition is divided into 2 series, so there a ...


German womens football league system

The German womens football League system looks the following way. Below him on the top 4 levels there are several levels of local leagues. Source: "German football League". Fussball.de. Checked 2008-02-07. All leagues at the same level in parallel.



In female-Regionalliga is the third-tier of German womens football Association. In female-Regionalliga comprises five separate leagues. Until 2017, the champion of each League has been upgraded to 2. Female-Bundesliga for next season, so were the ...

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