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Katherine Barrett


Katherine Barrett Crane


Katherine Crane


Kathleen Elizabeth Bennett


Kay Bennett Crane


Kay Bennett-Crane


Kay Crane


Latoya Harris


LaToya Harris


Lena (Passions character)


Lena (passions)


Lena (Passions)


Frank Lomax


Father Lonigan


Luis and Sheridan


Luis and Sheridan (Passions)


Luis and Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald


Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald and Sheridan Crane


Maria Lopez (character)


Maria Lopez (Passions character)


Maria Lopez (Passions)


Maria Lopez-Fitzgerald


Martin Fitzgerald (Passions character)


Marty Lopez-Fitzgerald


Matilda Matthews


Jean-Luc Moulin


Grace Nancier


Nicholas Foxworth "Fox" Crane


Nicholas Foxworth Crane


Orville Perkins


Phyllis (Passions)


Precious (Passions)


Prudence Standish


Rae (Passions character)


Rae (Passions)


Rebecca Hotchkiss Crane


Rebecca Osborn


Rebecca Osburn


Judge J.E. Reilly


Roberto (Passions character)


Roberto (Passions)


Sheridan and Luis


Sheridan Boothe


Sheridan Crane Boothe


Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald


Sheridan Crane Lopez-Fitzgerald Boothe


Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald




Siren (Passions character)


Siren (Passions)

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