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Dallas Jones


Leah Joplin


Schuyler Joplin


Schuyler Joplin (One Life to Live)


Katrina Karr


Kristine Karr


Brian Kendall (One Life to Live)


Mimi King


Faith Kipling


Ivan Kipling


Kate Lane


Edwina Lewis


Rebecca Lewis


Patrick London


Gwendolyn Lord Abbott


Eugenia Lord


Gwendolyn Abbott


Gwendolyn Lord


Powel Lord III


Powell Lord III


Victor Lord Jr.


Victor Lord, Jr.


Liam Lovett


Troy MacIver


Troy McIver


Henry Mackler


Irene Manning Clayton


Hope Manning-Thornhart


Hope Manning Thornhart


Sam Manning (One Life to Live)


Todd Manning, Jr.


Karen Martin Wolek


Karen Martin (character)


Karen Martin (One Life to Live)


Eve McBain


Gabriel McBain


Liam McBain


Shannon McBain


Tommy McBain


Lana McClain


Brenda McGillis


Geoffrey McGrath


Carmen Medina


Debra Medina (One Life to Live)


Julia Medina


Julia Wheaton


Paige Miller


Lola Montez (One Life to Live)


Ray Montez


Vanessa Montez

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