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Chloe Brennan (One Life to Live)


Charlie Briggs (One Life to Live)


Austin Buchanan (One Life to Live)


Blaize Buchanan


Bree Buchanan


Brennan Buchanan


Buck Buchanan (One Life to Live)


Drew Buchanan


Drew Buchanan II


Duke Buchanan


Jeannie Buchanan


Megan Buchanan


Megan Buchanan Rappaport


Olympia Buchanan


Pike Buchanan


Renee Buchanan


Zane Buchanan


Steve Burke (One Life to Live)


Cassie Callison


Herb Callison


Andrew Carpenter (One Life to Live)


John Carpenter (One Life to Live)


Maggie Carpenter (One Life to Live)


River Carpenter


Sloan Carpenter


Jonas Chamberlain


Laurel Chapin


Laurel Wolek


Elijah Clarke (One Life to Live)


Ted Clayton (One Life to Live)


Liz Coleman Reynolds


Wade Coleman


Daniel Colson (character)


Riley Colson


Mario Corelli


Rob Coronal


Megan Craig Riley


Addie Cramer


Betsy Cramer


Lou Cramer


Cramer, Melinda


Melinda Cramer


Melinda Cramer (character)


Melinda Cramer (One Life to Live)


Grace Davidson


Roseanne Delgado


Tomas Delgado


Tomas Delgado


Tomas Delgado (One Life to live)


Madame Delphina

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