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SS The Lambs


Design 1037 ships of the United States Navy


SS Caddopeak


Design 1049 ships of the United States Navy


Paniculate epidendrum

Reichenbach determined that E. fastigiatum Lindl. 1853, E. floribundum Kunth 1816, and E. paniculatum Ruiz & Pav. 1798, including E. cuspidatum Lindl. 1853, E. laevi Lindl. 1844, and E. longicrure Lindl. 1853 were three separate species. Because ...


SS Lake Ellithorpe


SS Lake Galva


SS Edgecombe


SS Edgewood


SS Edisto


Design 1079 ships of the United States Navy


Design 1093 ships of the United States Army


SS Blue Hen State


Oregon boxwood

Paxistima myrsinites is a species of shrub in the family Celastraceae. It is native to western North America from British Columbia to northern Mexico to the Rocky Mountains, where it grows in forests, often in the understory.


SS Lake Fandango


Design 1128 ships of the United States Navy


SS West Lewark


Design 1133 ships of the United States Army


Destroyer tenders of the Royal Australian Navy


Destroyer tenders of the United States


Fast Attack Flotilla

The 4th Fast Attack Flotilla is a force element flotilla of the Sri Lanka Navy. The flotillas mission is to provide heavily armed and fast patrol boat capability to counter sea tiger movements along the coast and to protect naval and civilian shi ...


List of ironclads

The list of ironclads includes all ironclads and monitors built between 1859 and the early 1890s, listed alphabetically. While the introduction of the ironclad is clear-cut, the boundary between ironclad and the later pre-dreadnought battleship i ...


Type C1-A ships


Type C1-B ships


Type C1-M ships


Type C1-S ships


SS Challenge


SS Comet (1939)


MS Flying Cloud


SS Shooting Star


SS Stag Hound (1939)


SS Surprise


SS Sweepstakes (1940)


Type C2-F ships


Type C2-G ships


Type C2-N ships


Type C2-S ships


Type C2-T ships


Type C2 ships of the United States Navy


SS Exchequer


SS Hawaiian Merchant


SS Hawaiian Packer


MS Mormacland


MS Mormacmail


MS Mormacpenn (1939)


SS Mormacpenn (1940)


SS Mormactide


SS Mormacyork (1939)


MS Mormacyork (1940)


SS Sea Arrow (1940)

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