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Ed Wills


April Windsor


Britt Woods


Sophie Wright (Emmerdale)


Decco Bishop


Denzo Bishop


Zumo Bishop


Russell Brown (Fair City character)


Caitriona Cassidy


Kira Cassidy


Patricia Collins (Fair City character)


Ursula Cruise


Annette Daly


Eleanor Daly (Fair City character)


Heather Daly


Terry Deegan


Dearbhla Dillon


Doug Ferguson (Fair City character)


Dean Dowling


Helen Doyle


Rita Doyle


Rush broom

Syrmatium junceum, synonyms Lotus junceus and Acmispon junceus, is a species of legume native to California. It is known by the common names rush broom and rush deervetch. It is endemic to California, where it is known from the northern and centr ...


Ali Foley


Ingrid Gleeson


Mike Gleeson


Bernie Kelly (Fair City character)


Mags Kelly


Ritchie Lennon


Avi Bar Lev


Philip McGuckian


Lucy Mallon


Carol Meehan (character)


Harry Molloy


Jessica Molloy


Lara Newman


Cliodhna Norris


Turlough Norris


Angela OConnell


Baz OReilly


David Osbourne


Floyd Phelan


Hughie Phelan


Nicola Prendergast


Esther Roche


Duncan Stonehouse


Aoife Stringer


Amir Sadati


Caleb Andrews


Angus Hart


Ania Williams

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