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Colin McFarlane (Emmerdale)


Pete Collins


Craig Calder


Dan Cravely


Cynthia Daggert


Latisha Daggert


Daniel Thomas (Emmerdale)


DCI Vikesh Dasari


DCI Grace Barraclough


Dee Pollard


Delphine LaClair


DI Vikesh Dasari


Isaac Dingle


Obadiah Dingle


Wayne Dobson (Emmerdale)


Andrew Drake


DS Frank Blackmore


Roger Dyson


Eddy Fox


Elizabeth Feldmann


Elsa Chappell


Elsa Feldmann


Emma Cairns


Emma Nightingale


Emma Risley


Sally Evans


Roz Fielding


Sandra Flaherty


Billy Fletcher


Graham Foster (Emmerdale)


Rocky Mountain Willow

Salix petrophila, commonly known as alpine willow and Rocky Mountain willow, is a Northwest American mountain shrub in the willow family.


Frank Blackmore (Emmerdale)


Frank Clayton (Emmerdale)


Andrew Fraser (Emmerdale)


Steven Fuller


Gabrielle Thomas


Jacob Gallagher


Justin Gallagher


Gemma Oaten


George Postlethwaite


Kathy Gimbel


Gloria Pollard


Jessie Grant


Ronnie Hale


Mickey Hall (Emmerdale)


Alicia Harding


Harry Murray (Emmerdale)


Sue Hastings (Emmerdale)


Charlie Haynes


Heath & Cath Hope

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