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Liesborn Abbey

Liesborn Abbey was a Benedictine monastery in Liesborn in what was originally the Dreingau, now a part of Wadersloh in the district of Warendorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


Mosbach Abbey

Mosbach Abbey was a Benedictine monastery, then in the Augustinian monastery of canons, in the town of Mosbach in the Odenwald, Baden-württemberg, Germany. As part of a systematic Carolingian Christianization of this part of Germany, a number of ...


Schonau Abbey (Nassau)

Schönau Abbey is a monastery in the Roman Catholic diocese of Limburg on the outskirts of the municipality of Struth in the Rhein-Lahn district, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is often referred to as schönau Abbey of Nassau or the Abbey of Sch ...


Schonrain Priory

Schonrain Priory was a house of the Benedictine order located near Lohr in the Spessart, in Bavaria in southern Germany. Several signs of the monastic buildings visible today. The ruins that remain largely consists of later additions, when the st ...


Pecsvarad Abbey

Pecsvarad Abbey was a Benedictine monastery founded in Pecsvarad in the Kingdom of Hungary in the first decades of the 11th century. His patrons were of the virgin Mary and St. Benedict of Nursia.


Abbazia di San Pietro al Monte

The Abbey of San Pietro al Monte is an ancient monastery complex, in the Romanesque style in the city of Civate, province of Lecco, Italy. On the site currently is not occupied religious, consists of three buildings: the Basilica of San Pietro, a ...


San Giovanni in Venere Abbey

The Abbey of San Giovanni In Venere is a monastery complex in the town of Fossacesia, in Abruzzo, in Central Italy. it is located on a hill overlooking the Adriatic sea, at 107 m over the sea level. It includes a Basilica and the monastery proper ...


Abbey of San Magno, Fondi

Abbey of St. Magnus-the monastery and Church at the foot of Monte Arcano, outside the city of Fondi in the province of latina, region Lazio, Italy.


Abbey of Santa Maria in Montesanto

Montesanto Abbey, or Abbazia di Santa Maria in Montesanto is in the Romanesque style, the monastery of the Benedictines located in the rural hills outside of the city of Civitella del Tronto, in the province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy.


Marienberg Abbey

Marienberg Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey in MALS, Vinschgau in South Tyrol, in Northern Italy. It was founded in 1149 or 1150 by Ulrich von Tarasp and other nobles. She has maintained a long tradition of education and, in 1.340 m, is the highest A ...


Monastero di Santa Lucia (Adrano)

Monastero di Santa Lucia is an architectural complex in the city of Adrano, near Catania, Italy. The former monastery is currently the elementary school. He joined the school of Giovanni Verga. Extending to the East area overlooking the garden, V ...


Monastery of San Giuseppe, Mogliano

The monastery of St. Joseph Roman Catholic Monastery convent is located in via Regina Margherita #8 within the city of Mogliano, the province of Macerata in the Marche region, Italy.


San Pietro di Sorres

San Pietro di Sorres is a former Cathedral, now a Benedictine monastery, in Borutta, a village in the province of Sassari, Northern Sardinia, Italy. Built in the Romanesque-Pisa style in the 12-13 centuries it was the seat of the now disappeared ...


Santa Maria di Propezzano

Santa Maria di Propezzano Romanesque style, the former Benedictine monastery and Church, located along the Strada Provinziale 22C in the valley Vomano, close to the village Morro Doro, in the province of Teramo, region Abruzzo, Italy.


Santa Maria in Gruptis

Santa Maria in Gruptis is a former monastery located in the town Vitulanoбыл, in the Campania region of southern Italy. Founded in the 10th century and is used by several monastic orders, he was in 1705, and is currently in ruins.


St. Mary of the Angels Monastery (Florence)

At the beginning of the Renaissance, the monastery was known for the high quality of manuscripts and other works created by the scriptorium. Many illustrations from these works are in Museum collections around the world. Strongly tied to the most ...


Abbey of Saint Scholastica, Subiaco

The Abbey of St. Scholastica, also known as Subiaco Abbey, located in the vicinity of the city of Subiaco, province of Rome, region Lazio, Italy, and is still active Benedictine territorial Abbey founded in the 6th century BC SV. St. Benedict Of ...


Santi Vincenzo e Anastasio, Ussita

Santi Vincenzo-e-Anastasio Romanesque style Roman Catholic Church located in frazione seemed, about 6 km from the town of Ussita province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy.


Monastery of San Xulian de Samos

Monastery of San Xulian de Samos is an active Benedictine monastery in Samos, Galicia, Spain. It was founded in the sixth century. The monastery was the school of theology and philosophy. It is also an important stop on the Camino de Santiago, th ...


Benedictine nunneries in Sweden


Uznach Abbey

St Otmars Abbey, Uznach, Switzerland, convent of the congregation of missionary Benedictines of Saint Ottilien. It was created after the First world war, to extend the flock of resources outside of Germany. To this day, the monastery continues to ...


Hinckley Priory

Hinckley Priory was founded as a small alien house: what should loyalty to a foreign mother house. In the case of Hinckleys, this mother house was lyre Abbey of Notre-Dame-de-Lira, La-Vieille-LIR, Normandy, France. The exact year of Foundation is ...


Benedictine monasteries in England


Benedictine monasteries in Scotland


Benedictine monasteries in Wales


St. Benedict Abbey (Massachusetts)

Abbey of Saint Benedict in the village of still river is located in the Western part of the town of Harvard, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA, is a Benedictine monastery with five brothers and seven priests centered on praying the divine offi ...


Christ the King Priory

Christ the King monastery is a Benedictine monastery located North of Schuyler, Nebraska, United States. It is a simple monastery of the congregation of missionary Benedictines of Saint Ottilien, part of the Benedictine Confederation.


Mount Saviour Monastery

The monastery of mount Saviour is a historic farm and the University campus in a national historic district located near pine city, the County Chemung, the state of new York. It includes 10 troops, buildings and sites 3 troops on a working farm i ...


Newark Abbey

Newark Abbey, officially known as the "Benedictine Abbey of Newark", the Benedictine monastery, located in Newark, new Jersey. This is one of the few urban Catholic monasteries in the country. The monks serve the community through the preparatory ...


Newton Abbey

The Abbey Of St Pauls, Newton, NJ, its a simple Benedictine monastery of the congregation of missionary Benedictines of Saint Ottilien. Originally created as a subsidiary to procure after the First world war, with the passage of time the size of ...


Portsmouth Abbey

Portsmouth Abbey is a Benedictine monastery in Portsmouth, on the island of Aquidneck in Narragansett Bay, Rhode island, USA. The mission of the community is to seek God guided by the gospel, the rule of St. Benedict, and by prayer and work to sa ...


St. Joseph Abbey, Louisiana

St. Joseph Benedictine Abbey is a Benedictine Abbey located in St. Benedict, Louisiana within the Swiss-American community of the Benedictine Confederation. The nearest town to the Abbey of Covington, Louisiana, the parish seat of St. Tammany, pa ...


St. Pauls Abbey

The Monastery Of St. Paul is a Roman Catholic Benedictine monastery in Newton, new Jersey. It was founded by father Michael Heinlein, a monk of a German monastery. Ottilien, as the monastery of March 15, 1924. Agricultural and public works are th ...


Abadia de San Benito

Abadia de San Benito, luján, Buenos Aires province, Argentina, is a Benedictine monastery of the Cono-sur congregation. Originally created in Buenos Aires, the monastery became an Abbey in 1950-ies and later moved to the outskirts of luján. In 20 ...


Monasterio Benedictino Santa Maria

Hotel Monasterio Benedictino Santa maría, Los Toldos, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a Benedictine monastery of the Cono-sur congregation. Founded by monks from Einsiedeln Abbey in 1948, the monastery was elevated to the rank of Abbey in 1980. In 20 ...


Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church


Cross-sea bridges in China


Railway bridges in Africa by country


Railway bridges in Asia by country


Railway bridges in Europe by country


Bridges in the Republic of the Congo


Bridges in Ethiopia


Bridges in Tunisia


Temburong Bridge

Bridge ensure a pleasant stay for guests Double bridge roadway in Brunei. today it is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia, covering 30 km. It connects Mengkubau and sungai besar in Brunei-Muara district and property of the lab in Temburong. This ...


Proposed bridges in the United Arab Emirates


Shanghai Yangtze River Tunnel and Bridge

Shanghai Yangtze river tunnel and bridge is a bridge–tunnel complex across the South fork of the Yangtze river near the river mouth in Shanghai. The tunnel connects Pudong district of Shanghai on the southern Bank of the river with Changxing isla ...


Pont de Wandre

Pont-de-Wandre single-pier cable-stayed bridge carrying the N667 road across the albert canal and Meuse river between Liège and Herstal, in Belgium.


List of bridges over the Rhine

The bridges at Huningue, Rastatt, rüdesheim Hindenburgbrucke and Remagen Ludendorffbrucke, was built for strategic military reasons, in order to allow the German Imperial army, and later the Wehrmacht to quickly transport troops by rail to the We ...


Brucke der Solidaritat

The solidarity bridge is a bridge over the Rhine between Rheinhausen and areas of hochfeld in Duisburg.


Old Rhine Bridge (Constance)

The old Rhine bridge in Constance, covers the Rhine. It is a combined road and railway bridge. In addition to one track of the Upper Rhine railway at kilometer 413.5, it carries KonzilstraSe, the road that connects the district of Petershausen wi ...

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