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Shane Donovan


Trista Evans Bradford


Samantha Evans


Lili Faversham


Gabby (Days of Our Lives)


Lisanne Gardner


Paul Grant (Days of Our Lives)


Henderson (Days of Our Lives)


Dario Hernandez


Cole Hines


Morgan Hollingsworth


Arianna Horton


Nathan Horton (Days of Our Lives)


Quinn Hudson


Father Timothy Jansen


Aiden Jennings


Chase Jennings


Stephanie Johnson (Days of Our Lives)


Daniel Jonas


Holly Jonas


Parker Jonas


Calliope Jones


Franco Kelly


Penelope Kent


Deimos Kiriakis


Tyler Kiriakis


Chris Kositchek


Jake Kositchek


Maxine Landis


Bonnie Lockhart


Conner Lockhart


Susan Martin (Days of Our Lives)


Serena Mason


Ian McAllister (Days of Our Lives)


Mia McCormick


Paul Mendez


Anne Milbauer


Angela Moroni


Vincent Moroni


Tori Narita


Alex North (Days of Our Lives)


Linda Patterson


Madeline Peterson Woods


Tamara Price


Barb Reiber


Glen Reiber


Trent Robbins


Wilhelm Rolf


Vern Scofield


Sister Mary Moira

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