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Zack and Emma (Lost)


Cakkavatti Miracle


Ballets premiered at the Royal Danish Theatre


Luke Ahmet


Daniel Davidson (dancer)


Layla Harrison


Vassilissa Levtonova


Glauco di Lieto


Kara McLaughlin


William Smith (dancer)


Victoria Willard


Martina Forioso


Christopher Harrison (dancer)


Soon Ja Lee


Paul Liburd


Diana Loosmore


Eve Mutso


Kodak 35

The Kodak 35 was introduced in 1938 as the first US manufactured 35mm camera from Eastman Kodak Company. It was developed in Rochester, New York when it became likely that imports from the Kodak AG factory in Germany could be disrupted by war. Wh ...


Kodak Brownie Number 2


Kodak Retina

Retina was the brand-name of a long-running series of German-built Kodak 35mm cameras, produced from 1934 until 1969. Kodak Retina cameras were manufactured in Stuttgart-Wangen by the Kodak AG Dr. Nagel Werk which Kodak had acquired in December 1 ...


Kodak Signet

The Kodak Signet series of 35mm cameras was Kodaks top American-made 35mm camera line of the 1950s, into the early 1960s. The designs were by Arthur H Crapsey. The first model was the Signet 35 made between February 1951 - March 1958. The Signet ...


List of Kodak Retina convertible lenses


Kodak Elite Chrome

Ektachrome is a brand name owned by Kodak for a range of transparency, still, and motion picture films previously available in many formats, including 35 mm and sheet sizes to 11×14 inch size. Ektachrome has a distinctive look that became familia ...



Kodak Ektar is a professional color negative film introduced in 2008, designed for nature, outdoors, fashion, and product photography. The film offers ultra-fine grains, ultra-vivid colors, and high saturation, and is available in ISO 100 only. A ...


Kodak Elite Chrome


Kodacolor (still photography)

For other uses of the "Kodacolor" brand, see Kodacolor disambiguation. In still photography, Kodaks Kodacolor brand has been associated with various color negative films since 1942. Kodak claims that Kodacolor was "the worlds first true color neg ...


Kodak Advantix


Kodak Panatomic X


Kodak Plus-X


Kodak Portra

Kodak Portra is a family of daylight-balanced professional color negative films originally introduced in 1998 made mainly for portrait and wedding applications. They are successors of the professional Vericolor films, which succeeded Ektacolor fi ...


Royal Gold (photographic film)


Technical Pan

Technical Pan is an almost panchromatic black-and-white film that was produced by Kodak. While it can reproduce the visible light spectrum, it leans to the red, and so unfiltered outdoor shots render blues, most notably the sky, with additional d ...


Kodak T-MAX

Kodak Professional T-MAX Film is a continuous tone, panchromatic, tabular-grain black and white negative film originally developed and manufactured by Eastman Kodak since 1986. It is now manufactured by Eastman Kodak but distributed and marketed ...


Kodak Tri-X

Tri-X is a black and white photographic film produced by Eastman Kodak Company, and distributed by Kodak Alaris. The combination of hand held cameras and high speed Tri-X film was transformative for photojournalism and for cinema.


Kodak Verichrome Pan


Kodak Verichrome Safety Film


Polaroid 20×24 camera

The Polaroid 20×24 camera is a very large instant camera made by Polaroid, with film plates that measure 20 by 24 inches, although at least one camera takes pictures that are 23 by 36 inches. It is one of the largest format cameras currently in c ...


Braun Colorette


Braun Norca


Braun Pax


Braun Paxette


Braun Paxette Reflex


Braun Paxina


Braun Multimag


Braun Novamat


Braun Paximat


Contax G-mount cameras


Contax N-mount cameras


Contax G-mount lenses


Contax Y/C-mount lenses

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