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Ranoidea vagitus

Ranoidea vagitus, weeping frog, tree frog occupying the arid and monsoonal Kimberley. Its ground resident, who evades drought periods by burrowing and overwintering occur in the rock during the flood.


Southern leaf green tree frog

The southern green tree frog leaf is one of the species of frogs, a tree that grows in coastal areas and ranges in South-Eastern Australia. It extends from South of Sydney to Eastern Victoria.


Bromeliohyla bromeliacia


Smilisca daulinia


Smilisca fodiens


Smilisca phaeota


Smilisca puma


Smilisca sordida


Tlalocohyla godmani


Tlalocohyla loquax


Tlalocohyla picta


Tlalocohyla smithii


Frogs of Haiti


Lists of frogs and toads of the United States


Dendropsophus juliani


Pristimantis educatoris

Pristimantis educatoris is one of the species of frogs found in Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. It looks like a to its description in 2010 confused with Pristimantis caryophyllaceus. The species was first discovered in 2002, while researchers ar ...



Kashmirosaurus is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibian, known from the Permo-Carboniferous deposits in the region of Kashmir. It was originally named by English paleontologist Arthur Smith Woodward in 1905 as a species of Archegosaurus orna ...


Arcadia (genus)



Austropelor is an extinct genus of temnospondyl chigutisaurid from early Jurassic of Australia. Fossils have been found in the formation of the Marburg Sandstone.


Deltasaurus kimberleyensis

Deltasaurus kimberleyensis was a temnospondyl amphibian of the family Rhytidosteidae that existed at the stage Karni Triassic. The fossilized remains were discovered in the Blina shale formation in Kimberley in Northwest Australia in 1965.


Deltasaurus pustulatus

Deltasaurus pustulatus is a fossil amphibian of the family Rhytidosteidae. In temnospondyl hunted invertebrates and fish during the late stage of the Triassic era, and somewhat resembles the only other species of East Gondwanan genus Deltasaurus. ...



Derwentiinae is a subfamily rhytidosteid temnospondyls of the Permian and Triassic, Australia and India. It includes childbirth Arcadia, Deltasaurus, Derwentia, Indobrachyops, and Rewana. Derwentiinae was named in the 2011 study analyzed the phyl ...



Warrenisuchus is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibian from the early Triassic of Queensland, Australia. It belongs to the diverse group of Triassic temnospondyls called the Capitosauria. View Warrenisuchus aliciae was built in 2009. B. Alic ...



Gymnarthridae an extinct family tuditanomorph microsaurs. Gymnarthrids known from Europe and North America existed from the late Carboniferous-early Permian. Remains have been found from Czech Republic, Nova Scotia, Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma. ...



Dictyocephalus is an extinct genus of prehistoric temnospondyls, the only Dictyocephalus elegans. This taxon was one of the first metoposaurids is found in North America, was opened by Ebenezer Emmons and briefly described by Joseph Leidy in 1856 ...



Perryella is an extinct genus of temnospondyl dvinosaurian. Type and only species, P. olsoni, was named in 1987 from the Wellington formation of Oklahoma, which is early Permian age. It is known from several skulls and remains of vertebrae and ex ...


Hypogeophis rostratus











Astylosternus is a genus of frogs in the family Arthroleptidae. It contains 12 species in contrast to Sierra Leone in West Africa, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa, with the gap region of Ghana.



Different sources able to distinguish between types in different ways, and as new species are still described, a different number of types can be found. At the beginning of 2019, amphibian species of the world lists 145 species and 153 species Am ...


Amphibians of West Africa


















List of amphibians of Cambodia

Chiromantis vittatus. Odorrana morafkai. Ingerophrynus galeatus. Kaloula Pulchra. (Kaloula Пульхра) Kaloula mediolineata. Hylarana Faber. (Hylarana Фабер) Fejervarya cancrivora. Microhyla heymonsi. Limnonectes poilani. Xenophrys damrei. (Xenophry ...


Litoria biakensis

Litoria biakensis-frog species in the family Pelodryadidae. It is endemic to Indonesia. This species was found in two places on the island beach, 120 km from the Northwest coast of New Guinea, Papua province, Indonesia.


Ryukyu brown frog

In the Ryūkyū brown frog is a species of true frog endemic to the Ryūkyū Islands, in particular on Okinawa and perhaps neighboring Islands. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, subtropical or tropical moist moun ...


List of amphibians of Thailand

Amphibians often inhabit anthropogenically changed environment include: Family Bufonidae true toads Duttaphrynus melanostictus. Family Microhylidae narrow-mouthed frogs Earlier Microhyla fissipes Microhyla Ornata is classified as. Microhyla Pulch ...



Siamophryne is a genus of frogs found in Thailand. This is a monotypic consisting of only one species, caves, Forests frog. Its closest relative is the genus Vietnamophryne. Siamophryne the genus was first described Suwannapoom, et al. 2018.


Tylototriton panhai

Tylototriton panhai is a newt found in Thailand and Laos. It has recently been distinguished from Tylototriton shanjing hotel in Nishikawa et al.2013.


Tylototriton uyenoi

Uyenoi Tylototriton in Chiang Mai crocodile newt is endemic in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. It differs from Tylototriton shanjing hotel, the Emperor newt, in 2013. The species was named in honor of herpetologist shun-Ichi Ueno. So uyenoi is one ...


Northern green frog

The Northern green frog is a subspecies of the green frog, Lithobates clamitans. It is native to North-Eastern North America and was introduced in British Columbia. Its mating call sounds like a single note plucked banjo. It is also quite common ...

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