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Synedrella is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family. It contains only one known species, Synedrella nodiflora, native to South America, Central America, Mexico, the West Indies, and Florida. It is naturalized in much of Asia, northe ...


Bab al-Jabiyah

Bab al-Jabiya is one of the seven ancient city-gates of Damascus, Syria. During the Roman era, the gate was dedicated to Mars. Bab al-Jabiya was the main entrance on the citys west side. The gate opens on Medhat Pasha Souq, which is the modern we ...


Bab Tuma

Bab Tuma is a borough of the Old City of Damascus in Syria, and is also the name of one of the seven gates inside the historical walls of the city, which is a geographic landmark of Early Christianity. The gate was named by the Byzantines to comm ...


Porta alla Croce, Florence

The Porta alla Croce is a former gate of the Walls of Florence, locate east of the neighborhood of Santa Croce, in the Piazza Beccaria of Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. The gate was part of the fourth set of walls around Florence built in th ...


Porta a Pinti, Florence

Porta a Pinti was a former gate in the walls of Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. The gate was also called Porta Fiesolana because the road led out to Fiesole, and of di Penitenti, which was shortened and corrupted to give name to the gate and ...


Porta Romana, Florence

The Porta Romana, once known as the Porta San Pier Gattolino was the southernmost gate in the 13th-century walls of the Oltrarno section of Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. It stands at the confluence of a number of roads: accessed from north ...


Porta San Frediano, Florence

The Porta San Frediano was the westernmost gate in the 13th-century walls of the Oltrarno section of Florence, region of Tuscany, Italy. It is located where Borgo San Frediano becomes Via Pisana. This was the access gate to the road to Pisa.


Porta San Giorgio, Florence

The Porta San Giorgio is a medieval gateway located on the south-east end of the Oltrarno walls of Florence, Italy. Ramparts of the Belvedere fortress, begun in 1590, stand adjacent to the gate. The road away from Florence soon passes the church ...


Walls of Padua

The Walls of Padua are a complex of defensive works around the Italian city of Padua, designed to defend it from hostile attack. It was built in 4 phases.


Porta Cavalleggeri

Porta Cavalleggeri was one of the gates of the Leonine Wall in Rome. Its remains are now walled in the stretch of wall facing the square that takes its name after it: this is nevertheless a recreation, since the original location of the gate, unt ...


Porta Pertusa

It is constituted by three openings: two secondary accesses on both sides of the main gate, surrounded by a majestic bossage. Nowadays it is walled up and rises in Viale Vaticano, close to the street of the same name; it is overlooked by the towe ...


Porta Santo Spirito

Porta Santo Spirito is one of the gates of the Leonine walls in Rome. It rises on the back side of the Hospital of the same name, in Via dei Penitenzieri, close to the crossing with Piazza della Rovere.


Gates of Rome by period


Gates in the Aurelian Walls


Al Sila Tower

Abu Dhabi Global Market Square Tower 1, formerly Sowwah Square Tower 1, is the name of a skyscraper on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The building is located in the district of the Abu Dhabi Global Market ...


Skyscraper office buildings in Abu Dhabi


Basarab Tower

Basarab Tower is an elevator testing building in Bucharest built between 1986 and 1988. It has 23 floors and measures 114 meters. The surface of a level is 400 square meters. The towers components consist of 8 wells and laboratories built for tes ...


Suyong Bay Tower

The Suyong Bay Tower is a proposed supertall skyscraper in Busan, South Korea. The tower was proposed in 1988 by Daewoo Corporation, but the proposal remained stagnant for years. Now, the latest proposal includes the tower into a massive redevelo ...


Burj 2020

First announced by developer Dubai Multi Commodities Centre at CityScape Global in September 2015, it has been designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture. Responding to media questions about the projects status in May 2017, the developer ...


Skyscraper office buildings in Dubai


KLCC East Gate Tower

Tower M, formerly called the KLCC East Gate Tower, is a proposed megatall skyscraper project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia located at Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The new building could comprise three office towers on top of a retail podium and come up ...


MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre

MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre is a trade centre, exhibition hall, and convention centre in the suburb of Segambut, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. MECC, established by MATRADE, provides convention facilities, exhibition halls, and meeting room ...


Residential skyscrapers in London


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Camden


Skyscrapers in the City of Westminster


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Croydon


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Islington


Skyscrapers in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Lambeth


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Southwark


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets


Skyscrapers in the London Borough of Wandsworth


Tour Incity

The Tour Incity is a skyscraper office in Lyon, France. The building was completed in 2015 in the business district of La Part-Dieu, at the intersection of the Cours Lafayette and Garibaldi Street to replace the obsolete UAP tower. The tower is t ...


Mirax-Plaza Russia

Sberbank-City is an unfinished building in Moscow, the capital of Russia. It is located in Moscow Kutuzovsky prospect. The complex will have a monorail connection crossing the Moskva River to the Federation complex and parking spaces for 2.950 ca ...


Vision Tower (Tel Aviv)

Vision Tower is a skyscraper in Tel Aviv, Israel. Completed in 2009, the building is 149.8 meters tall and has 42 floors.


Centro Medico Excel

Centro Medico Excel, or Excel Medical Center, is a skyscraper in Tijuana, Mexico. One of the most prominent buildings in the city, it is the 3rd tallest building in Tijuana. It is located within the central business district of Tijuana, the Zona Rio.


Skyscrapers in Shinjuku


Headquarters by country


Office buildings in Chile


Office buildings in China


Office buildings in India


Office buildings in Indonesia


Office buildings in Iran


Office buildings in Israel


Office buildings in Kenya


Office buildings in Malaysia


Office buildings in Mali


Office buildings in Mauritius


Office buildings in New Zealand

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