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Dumbartonshire Cup

The Dumbartonshire Cup was the championship trophy Dunbartonshire FA since its establishment in 1884 until the organization disbanded in 1938. However, there was additional game competitions in 1939, immediately after the outbreak of the Second w ...


Dumfries & District Amateur Football League

Dumfries and district Amateur Football League was the football League competition for Amateur teams in Dumfries Scotland. It was founded in 1954 and until 2014, when the League collapsed, and by member clubs then joining various Amateur leagues i ...


Edinburgh Football League

The Edinburgh football League was formed in 1894 in Scotland as one of several supplementary football leagues that were created in order to increase the number of fixtures for Scottish Football League clubs. It changed its name to East of Scotlan ...


Glasgow and West of Scotland Football League

Glasgow and West of Scotland football League was formed in 1898 as one of several supplementary football leagues that operated at the time to give additional fixtures to various Scottish football League. The League folded in 1906, when the Scotti ...


Inter City Midweek Football League

Intercity football League in mid-week was one of several Scottish supplementary football leagues run in the season 1912-13. Because Wednesday was the only day that shopworkers in Scotland had off, it was decided to form a League in mid-week to th ...


Inter County Football League

Inter League soccer County was formed in 1904 in Scotland as one of several supplementary football leagues that were created in order to increase the number of fixtures for Scottish Football League clubs. Clubs member Abercorn, Albion Rovers, Art ...


Inverness Cup

The Inverness Cup is a football competition for teams near Inverness in Scotland. It was originally only four teams Inverness, Caledonian, Citadel, Clachnacuddin and Thistle, but has since become an Invitational tournament in order to increase th ...


Jock Stein Friendship Cup

Jock Stein Friendship Cup is an exhibition football match held at the stadium of Cliftonhill, Coatbridge, Scotland. This contest was launched to recognize the contribution of Jock Stein, to both parties, Albion Rovers and "Celtic Stein began his ...


Keyline Challenge Cup Tournament

D&amp to Lafferty tournament, widely known as the tournament of Oban, is a preseason soccer tournament held Oban saints AFC in Oban, Scotland. The tournament is held in a circular format thirty minute matches and regularly attracts the Scottish L ...


Lanarkshire Football League

The Lanarkshire football League was formed in 1898 in Scotland as one of several supplementary football leagues that were created in order to increase the number of fixtures for Scottish Football League clubs. Very few details are recorded of the ...


Northern Football League (Scotland)

The Northern League is a regional Scottish football competition held between 1891 and 1920. In 1908-09, six clubs left in the Central football League and the League shut down for the First World war, returning for a final season in 1919-20. Dunde ...


Renfrewshire Cup

The Renfrewshire Cup was an annual Association football competition between teams in the historic County of Renfrewshire in the West Central lowlands of Scotland. The ending was generally a Renfrewshire Derby contested between the two largest gro ...


Renfrewshire Football League

Football League Renfrewshire was one of the Scottish football tournament played in March and September 1895. The intention was Renfrewshire club. Arthurlie and Abercorn were invited but only three clubs, all from the Scottish football League, agr ...


Scottish County Football League

In the Scottish football League County was one of several supplementary football leagues that were created in the early days of competitive football in Scotland in order to increase the number of fixtures for Scottish Football League clubs. The o ...


Scottish Football Federation

The Scottish football Federation was an Association football competition formed in 1891, which lasted two seasons. In 1893 it was absorbed by the Scottish football Alliance when that League lost all but one of their members of the Scottish footba ...


Scottish Football Union

Note - the Scottish Rugby Union was known as the "Scottish Football Union" between 1873 and 1924 The Scottish football Union was a competition of the football League, which existed from 1906 till the outbreak of the First world war. It was formed ...


Scottish Womens Football League First Division

Scottish womens first division was the third tier of womens football in Scotland. It was divided into North and South regions, one team from each region appointed by the Prime 2. Team was assigned to one of four regional Scottish womens second di ...


Scottish Womens Football League Second Division Cup

Scottish womens football League second division Cup-competition Cup Scottish womens football, a competition only open to teams in all four second divisions, the North, West, East and Central divisions. The second division is the lower division in ...


Stirlingshire Cup

The Stirlingshire Cup is an Association football competitions for clubs in the former County of Stirlingshire, Scotland. The competition was founded in 1883 and is a proven senior annually by member clubs of the football Association Stirlingshire ...


Tennent Caledonian Cup

In Tennent Caledonian Cup was short-lived pre-season football tournament held at Ibrox Park from 1976 to 1979, which were attended by teams from England and Scotland.


Tommy McGrane Memorial Cup

Tommy McGrane Memorial Cup is an annual pre-season Invitational football tournament organized by the SJFA, West region Junior football club East Kilbride Thistle.


Bridgend & District League

In the Bridgend and district League is a football League covering the city and surrounding areas of Bridgend in South Wales. League are on the eighth, ninth and tenth levels of the Welsh football League.


Gwent Central League

Gwent Central League is a Football League in the Central part of the country remained Gwent. It is part of the Gwent Football Association County. Leagues on the eighth and ninth levels of the Welsh football League.


Newport and District Football League

Newport and district football League is a football League covering the Newport and surrounding areas in South Wales. The headquarters is located in the administrative centre of Newport.


North Gwent Football League

North Gwent football League is a Football League in South Wales. The headquarters are located in AIX-Servicemens club, Ebba Vale.


Swansea Senior Football League

Swansea senior football League or Swansea senior League, a competition League with the participation of non-professional football clubs Association in the district of Swansea, South Wales. The League consists of three divisions. The higher the di ...


Taff Ely & Rhymney Valley Alliance League

The ratio of Ali & Valley Rimni is a football League covering the TAFF-Ely and rhymney valley in South Wales. Leagues on the eighth and ninth levels of the Welsh football League.


Vale of Glamorgan League

Vale of Glamorgan Association football League in the football League, which occupies an area in the Vale of Glamorgan in Glamorgan, South Wales and the surrounding area. Leagues on the eighth and ninth levels of the Welsh football League.


Howard Bison mens soccer

Howard mens soccer team the bison school sports teams Intercollegiate of Howard University in Washington, D.C., USA. The team is an associate member of the conference, the sun belt, which is part of the National division Collegiate athletic Assoc ...


Washington Brewers

Washington Heurichs American basketball team based in Washington, D.C., who was a member of the American Basketball League. For the 1939 / 40 season, the team was known as the George Washington University and the Brewers to 1940 / 41 season the t ...


W. Eager (Sussex cricketer)

Eager Century was a cricketer who played for Sussex. He was a wicket-Keeper. Willingly made a single first-class appearance, against the United England XI in 1854. Eager repulsed in the opening in the first innings as a tailender in the second, s ...


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Gemma Font


Brian Colvin (referee)


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Pierre Gourrier

Pierre Gourrier is a French weightlifter. He competed at the summer Olympic games 1968 summer Olympic games 1972 and 1976 summer Olympics.


Roger Levecq


Alfred Steiner


Alun Lawrence

Alan Lawrence is a Welsh Rugby Union player who plays for the Cardiff Blues back rower. He was in the Wales under-20 international. Lawrence made his debut for Cardiff Blues regional team in 2019 previously played for the Blues Academy.


Ashtekar variables

During the development of ADM General relativity, space-time is divided into spatial slices and the time axis. The basic variables are the induced metric d And B {\the style property display the value of q_{AB}} at the spatial slice of the metric ...


Hamiltonian constraint


Hamiltonian constraint of LQG

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