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Edie and the Eggs

Edie and the Eggs were a punk/celebrity-exploitation band featuring Edith Massey, known for acting in several films by John Waters. The bands name referred to Masseys character in Pink Flamingos, who had an obsession with eating eggs and romanced ...


The Frantics (Clinton, South Carolina)

The Frantics was a punk rock band from Clinton, South Carolina. Founded by Kevin Mac, Timmy Timmy, Anthony Price and Todd Skeleton. Drew Perry replaced Todd on drums in late 1998, but only recorded a handful of songs with the band. The band forme ...


H1N1 (band)

H1N1 is an American all-star punk rock group featuring Henry Rollins from the California hardcore punk group Black Flag and Rollins Band, former MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer and singer-songwriter Paul Collins from The Nerves and The Beat. The group ...


Hail (indie band)

Hail are an American indie/punk band with an avant-garde twist consisting of Susanne Lewis and Bob Drake. The band has also had guest appearances from Mike Johnson, Dave Kerman, Chris Cutler and Bill Gilonis.


M-80 (band)

M-80 is a punk band formed in Rhode Island, July 1999. The original line-up was Jeff Hanks and Dave Ladin from the Rhode Island Ska/Punk band Racketball and Christian Blaney and Paul Sumner of the local Rhode Island hardcore/punk band Arson Famil ...


Prayers for Atheists

Prayers for Atheists released the debut EP, Prayers for Atheists, on Strange Famous Records in 2009. The first album, New Hymns for an Old War, was released on PFA Records in 2011.



Pridebowl reformed in California in 2003 with an all-American line-up, followed by a two-week tour of Eastern Canada. Aaron Goulding on vocals, Cory Waterhouse and Paul Peterson on guitars, Todd Daigle on bass, and Dan Achin playing drums. Later ...



Scatterbox is an American punk rock band from Coeur dAlene, Idaho. Formed in 2000, the current lineup includes Tom White, Scott Rozell, Mark Cogburn, and Ryan White. They currently are signed with Blackhouse Records of Spokane, Washington. Scatte ...



SpiderCider is a punk rock project from goth/punk/hardcore/metal veteran Eerie Von. Eerie Von has recorded one album under this name, Thats All There Is, released by Ghastly Records in 2006. The project marked a diversion from the gothic rock of ...


The Strap-Ons

The Strap-Ons are an American punk rock band formed by vocalist Brian "Idle" Diederich, guitarist Billy England, bassist Emmit Joe George and drummer Ruben Remulla. A few months later, guitarist Kate Grottenhaler joined the group. The band formed ...


Trashlight Vision

Trashlight Vision was a trash punk band from the United States. They featured the guitarist from Murderdolls, Acey Slade and Steve Haley from the Philadelphia-based rock band HALEY. The band released their debut album in April 2006 on UnderGroove ...


White Shit

White Shit is an American punk rock band, most significant for their 2009 song, Jim Morrison ". They released their debut album, Sculpted Beef, in 2009.


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Comando Suicida

Comando Suicida was an Argentine punk band formed in 1984. Their lyrics discussed topics such as unemployment, illegal immigration, the illegal drug trade, the working class and violence. At least one band member was part of the fascist organizat ...


Eterna Inocencia

Eterna Inocencia is an Argentine rock band with politically motivated lyrics and opinions. Their origin dates to 1995, in the city of Quilmes, Buenos Aires Province. They come from the hardcore punk trend of the mid-1990s. They form part of their ...


El Otro Yo

El Otro Yo is an Argentinean alternative rock band. They made their debut in the late 80s / early 90s, with a demo tape called Los Hijos de Alien, followed by Traka-Traka. Later on, the group successfully founded its own label, Besotico Records, ...



Shaila is a Melodic hardcore/Punk rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formed in 1994, they played for two years for the fun of it and released their first EP, titled Solo Un Dia Mas in 1996. Shaila is one of the most important bands of the ge ...


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Batfoot! are a four-piece punk rock band from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The band are heavily influenced by the Ramones, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, and Chixdiggit!. To date Batfoot! have played with bands such as The Tenants, No Fun ...


The Chosen Few (1970s Australian band)

The Chosen Few were an Australian punk band which formed in 1978. Three founding band mates were all from an earlier hard rock band, Deathwish: Ian John Cunningham on bass guitar, Calum "Cal" McAlpine on drums and Bruce Friday on guitar. They wer ...



Dangerous! are a punk band from Australia comprising Nicky Jones and Jarrad Lee. The bands early work was predominantly garage indie punk rock. Their debut LP, Teenage Rampage was released in 2011 on Epitaph Records and earned them the title of t ...


Grong band)

Grong were a punk rock band from Adelaide. They formed in 1982 with Michael Farkas on vocals, synthesiser and saxophone, his half-brother Charlie Tolnay on guitar, George Klestinis on drums, and Dave Taskas on bass guitar. They disbanded in late ...


New Race

New Race was a Detroit rock-styled super-group based in Sydney, Australia formed in April 1981. New Race was a concept band featuring three members of Radio Birdman: Deniz Tek, Rob Younger, and Warwick Gilbert, along with their inspirational ment ...


Powder Monkeys

Powder Monkeys were an Australian punk, indie rock band, formed in 1991. The founding mainstays, Tim Hemensley, on bass guitar and lead vocals and John Nolan on lead guitar were both ex-members of Bored!. Powder Monkeys released three studio albu ...


Thought Criminals

The Thought Criminals were an influential and enterprising Australian punk band based in Sydney. They formed in late 1977 and disbanded in late 1981. The "angular, fast and quirky punk rock" of the Thought Criminals "was a fixture in the burgeoni ...


The Visitors (Australian band)

The Visitors were an Australian rock band formed in 1978 after the breakup of popular punk rock band Radio Birdman. The songs were written by Deniz Tek but unlike many other Tek bands, Tek did not sing vocals in The Visitors. Instead the vocals w ...



Wormstein is a 5-man band who released their first single on 23 April 2015. It was believed that the members consisted of those from pop-punk band 5 Seconds of Summer. This was not confirmed until an article was released in Rolling Stone magazine ...


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La Pestilencia

La Pestilencia is a Colombian hardcore punk band, founded in 1986 in the capital Bogota by Hector Buitrago and Dilson Diaz, the latter being the only permanent member of the group since its inception. The group is recognised as Colombias first pu ...


Orlik (band)

Orlik was a folk-influenced Czech oi! punk band founded in 1988 from the existing hardcore punk band F.A.S. by Daniel Landa and David Matasek. The band was named after the Orlik winery, where the band members met. Orlik had a short career, releas ...


Visaci zamek

Visaci zamek is a Czech punk-rock band. Formed by five students at Czech Technical University in Prague in 1982, the band has a line-up which has remained unchanged for over 35 years.


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Antidote (band)

Antidote were a punk rock band from the Netherlands. The band formed in 1996 and has released several records. The band has toured extensively in Europe, North America and Russia. In December 2012, the band officially announced their break-up.



Antillectual is an actively touring punk rock band from Nijmegen and Utrecht, the Netherlands Antillectual started out as four-piece punk rock band in 2000. In 2001, bass player Pieter left the band and was replaced by Falco. With this line-up, t ...


De Hardheid

De Hardheid is a skapunk band from Amsterdam composed of nine members. The band was founded in 1996 and sings in Dutch about a variety of subjects. De Hardheid regularly performs at poppodia and festivals throughout their home country, the Nether ...

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