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San Estanislao

San Estanislao was founded on November 13, 1749 by Father Sebastian de Yegros, a Jesuit priest from Asuncion after Saint Stanislaus Kostka. The town was founded as a Jesuit mission with the goal of converting the surrounding Indian population. Th ...


Union, Paraguay


Veinticinco de Diciembre

25 de Diciembre is a city in the San Pedro department of Paraguay. This city is located 120 km. north of the city of Asuncion, with which it communicates through the National Route 3, which crosses its territory from east to west. The district ad ...


Yataity del Norte

Yataity del Norte is a town and district in the San Pedro department of Paraguay, you can access this district by Route 8 "Dr. Blas Garay", like most people who were born and grew up on the side of the road, is a laborious community, which focuse ...


Puerto Casado

Puerto Casado is one of the 4 districts in Alto Paraguay Department, Paraguay. It includes the town of La Victoria or Puerto La Victoria, which has a population of around 7.800.


Doctor Juan Leon Mallorquin District


Fuerte Olimpo District


Santa Rita District, Paraguay


Ciudad del Este District


Hernandarias District


Itakyry District


Los Cedrales District


Minga Pora District


Naranjal District


San Alberto District


San Cristobal District, Paraguay


Yguazu District




Caaguazu District


San Joaquin District, Paraguay


Simon Bolivar District, Paraguay


Arroyos y Esteros

Its name describes exactly the real aspect of this place, which is surrounded by swamps and streams. It was also named Tobati Tuya, which is one of the rivers of this region. Its founder, Governor Pedro de Melo de Portugal called it "Chapel Duart ...


Eusebio Ayala, Paraguay

Eusebio Ayala is a city and district of the Cordillera Department, Paraguay. It is named after Eusebio Ayala, a former President of Paraguay. It is located approximately 72 km of the city of Asuncion, capital of the Republic of Paraguay. This cit ...


Caacupe District


Loma Grande District


Nueva Colombia District


San Bernardino District, Paraguay


Tobati District


Bella Vista, Itapua




Capitan Meza


Capitan Miranda


Carlos Antonio Lopez, Paraguay


Carmen del Parana


Coronel Bogado




General Delgado


Itapua Poty


Jesus, Paraguay

Jesus is a district in the Itapua Department of Paraguay. It is well known for its Jesuit Mission, the Ruins of Jesus de Tavarangue. In 1993, the mission was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is open to visitation by tourists.


La Paz, Paraguay


Leandro Oviedo


Mayor Otaño



Natalio is a district in the Itapua Department of Paraguay. It is located in the South-East of the country, with the town center located just 10 km from the Parana River and the border with Argentina. The district lies 45 km off Route 6 which con ...


Nueva Alborada



Obligado is a city and district in the Itapua Department of Paraguay. Commonly known as the Capital City of Cooperativism or Industrial Capital City of Itapua.


Pirapo, Paraguay


San Cosme y Damian


San Juan del Parana

San Juan del Parana is one of the 30 districts of the Itapua Department, Paraguay. It is located to the west of the city of Encarnacion, the capital of the department, and was founded by Joaquin de Alos y Bru in 1789. Its inhabitants work at low- ...


San Pedro del Parana

San Pedro del Parana is a town in the Itapua department of Paraguay. This town is far 360 km of the countrys capital Asuncion by Route No. 1 Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez which, in turn, reaches Encarnacion.


San Rafael del Parana

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