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City Road Cemetery

The City Road Cemetery is a cemetery in the City of Sheffield, England that opened in May 1881 and was originally Intake Road Cemetery. Covering 100 acres it is the largest and is the head office for all the municipally owned cemeteries in Sheffi ...


Earlham Road Cemetery, Norwich

Earlham Road Cemetery, Norwich also known as Earlham Cemetery or Norwich Cemetery is a cemetery located in Norwich which was officially opened on 6 March 1856 and covers 34 acres. The cemetery is divided into two distinct sites by Farrow Road A14 ...


Flaybrick Memorial Gardens

Flaybrick Memorial Gardens is a memorial garden, formerly a municipal cemetery situated in Birkenhead, on the Wirral Peninsula, England. The cemetery has been designated a conservation area by Wirral Borough Council, which owns the site.


Harrogate (Stonefall) Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

Harrogate Cemetery is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission burial ground for the dead of World War I and World War II located on the outskirts of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England. The cemetery grounds are located next to the main municipal c ...


Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry

Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry, is located in the district of Headington Quarry, Oxford, England. It is an active Anglican parish church in the Diocese of Oxford.


Tiverton Cemetery

Tiverton Cemetery is the burial ground for the town of Tiverton in Devon. The cemetery covers eight acres and is owned and maintained by Mid Devon Council.


St Wilfrids Church, Wilford

The church dates from the late 14th century. It is considered to have been founded by Gervase de Wilford around 1361. The chancel dates from 1430 and the clerestory and tower later in the 15th century. The aisles were rebuilt in 1890-1891 when a ...


Congregationalist Cemetery, Ponsharden

The Congregationalist Cemetery at Ponsharden, Cornwall was opened in 1808 to serve the Dissenting Christian congregations of Falmouth and Penryn. It received approximately 587 burials over a period of 120 years, before being abandoned in the 1930 ...


Torquay Cemetery

Torquay Cemetery, also known as Barton Road Cemetery is a burial ground located in the town of Torquay, Devon, England. The first interment, which took place in the Nonconformist section, was in 1852. The cemetery has been Grade II listed since 2002.


Darwen Cemetery

Darwen Cemetery is a public cemetery in the town of Darwen, Lancashire which lies on both sides of Bolton Road with views across Darwen to the hills beyond. A Cross of Sacrifice erected to burials of First World War service personnel stands by th ...


Welford Road Cemetery

Welford Road Cemetery is a public cemetery in Leicester, England. The Leicester General Cemetery Company was founded in 1845, and the cemetery itself opened in 1849. The buildings and plan of the cemetery were designed by J. R. Hamilton and J. M. ...


Greenhaven Woodland Burial Ground

Greenhaven Woodland Burial Ground is a natural burial ground located in the village of Lilbourne, 5 miles from the town of Rugby, England. It opened in 1994 and was the first privately owned natural burial ground in the country. Greenhaven is sit ...


Barrows in England


Bishopwearmouth Cemetery

In the First World War, part of Ward 3 Section A of the cemetery was set apart for burials of servicemen. This plot, at a central point on the path linking the cemeterys two entrances, was extended in the Second World War. In all, 237 Commonwealt ...


Catholic Church in England


Christian Science in England


Waltham Cross

Waltham Cross is a suburban former village and now a town in the south of the Borough of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire 12 miles north by north-east of Charing Cross in central London. It is in the metropolitan area of London, the Greater London Urb ...


Shree Geeta Bhawan

The Shree Geeta Bhawan Mandir is the first Hindu temple in the Midlands of England. It is situated on the corner of Heathfield Road and Brecon Road in Birmingham, on the border of Handsworth and Lozells. The building was the former St Georges Pre ...


Shri Sidhi Vinayagar Temple

Shri Sidhi Vinayagar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Elephant God Ganesha. It opened in 2011. The temple premises has idols of Ganesha, Murugan, Shiva, Durga, Bhairava and Navagrahas. A new bigger temple is being constructed in the same ...


Al-Hijrah School

Al-Hijrah School was a voluntary-aided Islamic all-through school based in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham, England. It was a specialist Science College with 767 pupils aged 4–16. It closed 31 August 2019.


Darul Uloom, Birmingham

The Darul Uloom Birmingham Islamic High School is an Islamic school in Birmingham, England. It was established in 1985 by Jami Masjid and Islamic Centre Birmingham.


Mosques in Birmingham, West Midlands


Mosques in Manchester


Andalusia Academy

Andalusia Academy is an independent school in the city of Bristol, England. The school is the only full-time independent school with an Islamic ethos in South West England. The school opened in 2005 and is run by Bristol Islamic Schools Trust BIS ...


Jamea Al Kauthar

Jamea Al Kauthar is an independent academic girls’ establishment in Lancaster, Lancashire, England, educating girls in a Muslim tradition over the age of 11. Jamea Al Kauthar started with 60 pupils in 1996 and now has the capacity to cater for up ...


Immanuel College, Bushey

Immanuel College is an independent co-educational Jewish day school, located in Bushey, Hertfordshire, on an eleven-acre site dominated by Caldecote Towers, a Grade II listed 19th-century mansion. The College is a member of the Headmasters and He ...


Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick

Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick is a Sikh gurdwara in Smethwick, in Sandwell, near Birmingham in the West Midlands of England. It was established in October 1958 in a former church building which had been bought earlier in the year at a cost of £11 ...


St Columbas Church, Nottingham

St Columbas Church, Nottingham was an English Presbyterian church in Nottingham, England, built in 1898 and located at the Mansfield Road/Villa Road intersection. It was founded in 1896 as a daughter church of St Andrews Presbyterian Church, also ...


Coanwood Friends Meeting House

Coanwood Friends Meeting House is a redundant Quaker meeting house under the care of the Historic Chapels Trust. It stands in an isolated, sparsely populated valley south of Hadrians Wall, in East Coanwood, about 5 miles south of the town of Halt ...


Monasteries in Cornwall


Places of worship in Burnley

Burnley, in Lancashire, England, has a long history of religious worship, dating from at least before 1122 in the case of the Church of England. The chapel at Towneley Hall was the centre for Roman Catholic worship in Burnley until modern times. ...


Places of worship in Malvern, Worcestershire

Among the places of worship in the town and area of Malvern, Worcestershire are centres of dedication to many faiths and denominations. The town has 31 Christian churches with 10 belonging to the Church of England, ranging from low church to high ...


Baptist missionaries in Ghana


Gibraltar football standings templates


Greenlandic Mens Football Championship seasons


Central American and Caribbean Games silver medalists for Grenada


Pan American Games bronze medalists for Grenada


Pan American Games silver medalists for Grenada


Roman Catholic cathedrals in Guadeloupe


CS Moulien


Lake Tahoe lupine

Lupinus meionanthus, commonly known as Lake Tahoe lupine, is a species of flowering plant from the order of Lamiales which can be found in Nevada and California where it can be found in Yosemite National Park.


Footballers in Guam


Guam football navigational boxes


Roman Catholic cathedrals in Guatemala


Chapel of San Jacinto

The Chapel of San Jacinto is a Roman Catholic chapel located in the town of Salcaja, Guatemala. It is said to have been founded by the Franciscans in 1524, the same year the Maya Kiche kingdom was conquered by the Spanish conquistadores, and is c ...


Hospital de San Pedro, Antigua Guatemala

The hospital was founded in 1663 by Dominican friars. During the nineteenth century it started being managed by Capuchin nuns, who made some improvements to the building. In 1869, the Charity Sisters of San Vicente de Paul took charge of the buil ...


Iglesia de La Merced, Antigua Guatemala

After the Santa Marta earthquakes in 1773 and against strong opposition from the archbishop and the regular clergy, the capital was moved from Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala to a new location, known as Nueva Guatemala de la Asuncion. In ...


La Recoleccion Architectural Complex

La Recoleccion Architectural Complex is a former church and monastery of the Order of the Recollects and its adjacent park in Antigua, Guatemala. It is located in the western part of the old city.


Central American and Caribbean Games silver medalists for Guatemala


Central American and Caribbean Games bronze medalists for Guatemala

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