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EuroLeague Women


European Champion Clubs Cup




BeNe League teams


Oriental Brothers



AfroFlow is a musical group, heavily influenced by African beats through drums, spoken word, and call and response. The group started the Afroflow tour in 2006. They have partnered with the American Cancer Society to speak out against the tobacco ...


Fishtank Ensemble

Fishtank Ensemble is a world music group from Los Angeles, California, known for their unique, high-energy and virtuosic stage show that blends a wide range of styles including Balkan, Romanian, gypsy, French hot jazz, flamenco, Turkish, Greek, a ...



TriBeCaStan is an American world music ensemble from New York, New York. The band was co-founded by multi-instrumentalists John Kruth and Jeff Greene and includes baritone sax player Claire Daly, percussionist Boris Kinberg and Kenny Margolis on ...


Umoja Orchestra

The Umoja Orchestra was a Gainesville, FL-based band whose music incorporated elements from afrobeat, jazz, funk, afro-cuban as well as traditional African, Caribbean and South American styles like salsa and merengue. The bands instrumentation wa ...


Yuval Ron Ensemble

The Yuval Ron Ensemble is a musical group that focuses on traditional sacred Middle Eastern repertoire. The group’s stated mission is to" alleviate national, racial, religious and cultural divides by uniting the music and dance of the people of t ...


Akin (band)

Akin is an Australian world fusion band. Their album Undercurrent was nominated for 2001 ARIA Award for Best World Music Album. They have toured Australia performing at festivals such as Port Fairy Folk, Melbourne Festival, Sydney Festival, Natio ...


The Barons of Tang

The Barons Of Tang is a Melbourne-based 7-piece band who mix together a large range of genres, most commonly world music. They term the resulting music "gypsy deathcore". Their album Into the Mouths of Hungry Giants was nominated for the 2014 ARI ...


Rasa Duende

Rasa Duende is a 3 piece band who mix together Hindustani and Flamenco music played on a tabala, a sarod and a flamenco guitar. Their album Improvisations was nominated for 2013 ARIA Award for Best World Music Album.



Tigramuna is an Australian band active since 1993 that combines Latin-American music with jazz. Their album Jazz Latino-Americano was nominated for the 1999 ARIA Award for Best World Music Album.


Vibe Squad

Vibe Squad is a British music group formed in 2009. The group was initially set up as a quintet consisting of Kelvin Amoako,William Osei- Obengo, Richard Korede and Bright Oduro who were all students at NewVic Sixth Form College in the London Bor ...


Zohar (band)

Zohar is a four-piece music ensemble from Great Britain, which "blends mystical middle eastern sounds with modern technology and dance grooves, while retaining a sense of spirituality." Zohar combines Jewish cantors, Arab muzzeins, and Byzantine ...



J.P.P. is a group of Finnish folk musicians, mainly fiddlers, hailing from Kaustinen. The name originally meant Jarvelan Pikkupelimannit, the small fiddlers of Jarvela, but today the group only uses the abbreviation JPP. The group still uses the ...



Osumare are a group who play modern African music. Osumare means rainbow in the Yoruba language from West Nigeria. Just like the colors of the rainbow the band combine different African music together to form their music which they call Osumare B ...


Cylinder record producers


Basecamp Productions

Basecamp Productions is an American record label. It was founded in 2004 by Joshua James and Brett Eliason with the idea of releasing "Official Bootlegs" online. Beginning with Pearl Jam’s groundbreaking" Official Bootlegs” series, artists who ha ...


CD One Stop

CD One Stop was a distributor of pre-recorded music in the late 1980s through the 90s. It was started in 1985 by Alan Meltzer, owner of the Titus Oaks Records music chain in Long Island. Meltzer moved to Connecticut and launched the company, whic ...



Select-O-Hits is an American independent record label distributor of music based in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. They have been in business for almost 60 years, and distribute artists that include Johnnie Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Three 6 Mafi ...



Sonografica is a record label based in Caracas, Venezuela. It had links with Empresas 1BC, which also owned Radio Caracas Television and Radio Caracas Radio, among other businesses. During the 1980s, it supported Venezuelan musical talent as the ...



Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH is a German company distributing music and computer games as well as related merchandise products. The companys distribution deals usually cover Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The headquarters of the company ar ...


Number-one singles of the year in the United States


Paris Washboard

Paris Washboard is a French jazz group devoted to Dixieland jazz revival. Paris Washboard was founded in 1988 by two former members of Gilbert Lerouxs Washboard Group, Alain Marquet clarinet and Daniel Barda trombone. Marquet was asked to record ...


Dixieland banjoists


Dixieland clarinetists


Dixieland cornetists


Dixieland drummers


Dixieland guitarists


Dixieland pianists


Dixieland saxophonists


Dixieland trombonists


Dixieland trumpeters


Dixieland violinists


Dixieland revivalists by instrument


Dixieland revivalists by nationality


President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party


Delaware Democrats


Needle goldfields

Lasthenia gracilis is an annual plant with yellow flowers that grows in California and Arizona in southwestern United States, and Baja California in northwestern Mexico. It is in the Lasthenia genus of the sunflower family.


Democratic Party (United States) organizations

National Federation of Democratic Women Los Democratas AfricanAmerican Dems Stonewall Democrats DNC Women National Jewish Democratic Council College Democrats Young Democrats of America LGBT Democrats AAPI Democrats High School Democrats of America


Democrats for Education Reform

Democrats for Education Reform is a New York-based political action committee whose mission is to encourage the Democratic Party to embrace policies which will fundamentally change American public education, and which promotes use of more charter ...


Democratic Caucuses of Florida


Democratic National Committee


United States Democratic Party color templates


United States 2016 Democratic Party presidential primaries templates


United States 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries templates


United States Democratic Party shortname templates


Contemporary Christian music albums by American artists

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