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List of churches in Gwynedd

The only community which probably has no active churches is Llanfrothen although Saint Brothens Church still has the occasional service. There is no online register of churches belonging to the Union of Welsh Independents, so the only source for ...


List of churches in Powys


List of Catholic dioceses in Nordic Europe

The Catholic Church in Nordic Europe has 5 dioceses and two territorial prelatures. All of these territories are immediately subject to the Holy See, with no intermediating archdiocese.


List of Roman Catholic dioceses in the Pacific Episcopal Conference

Diocese of Tarawa and Nauru Diocese of Rarotonga Archdiocese of Suva Mission Sui Iuris of Funafuti


Catholic navigational boxes by region


Eastern Catholic navigational boxes


Catholic organisations navigational boxes


Anglican denomination templates


Baptist navigational boxes


WikiProject Latter Day Saint movement templates


Character changes during Infinite Crisis

In the course of DC Comics 2005–2006 event Infinite Crisis, numerous characters died, went missing, returned from death or long absences, took new superhero identities, or underwent other significant changes as individual characters.


Continuity changes during Infinite Crisis

In the course of the fictional story presented in the DC Comics event Infinite Crisis, several events in the fictional DC Universes past were retroactively altered by either Superboy-Prime or the separation and re-merging of alternate Earths. Whe ...


Aslans How


Aslan’s How


Azim Balda








Caldron Pool




Dancing Lawn


Deathwater Island




Experiment House




Ford of Beruna


Fords of Beruna


Galma (Narnia)




List of cities in The Chronicles of Narnia


The Lone Islands


Mirazs castle


Mount Pire


Mt. Pire




Shallow Lands




Spare oom


Stone Table:


Stormness Head






War Drobe


Wood between Worlds




Aar (Star Wars)








Akiva (Star Wars)

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