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Calamity Creek


Calaveras Creek

Calaveras Creek is a waterway that starts near Martinez, Texas and runs for fifteen miles to its mouth at the San Antonio River. It is the source of Calaveras Lake where it is dammed near Elmendorf. Calaveras means skulls in Spanish.


Caney Creek (Matagorda Bay)

Caney Creek is a river in Texas that begins northwest of Wharton, flows generally southeast, and empties into the Gulf of Mexico near Sargent. The major waterway to the west is the Colorado River while the next major waterway to the east is the S ...


Caney Creek (San Jacinto River tributary)


Capano Creek


Carpenters Bayou

Carpenters Bayou rises at the south end of Sheldon Reservoir in southeastern Harris County 29°51′N 95°10′W, Texas, USA, and runs southeast for about twelve miles until it joins Buffalo Bayou at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site 29° ...


Carrizo Creek

Carrizo Creek is a 145-mile-long river in New Mexico and Texas. It is a tributary of Rita Blanca Creek, itself a tributary of the Canadian River. Via the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers, water from Carrizo Creek eventually reaches the Gulf of Mex ...


Catfish Creek (Texas)


Catlett Creek

The creek is located in Wise County, in central Texas. Its source is five miles north of Decatur, and it runs for twelve miles until it reaches Sweetwater Creek near Bluett.


Chacon Creek (Nueces River)

Chacon Creek, is a stream tributary to the Nueces River via Picosa Creek, Turkey Creek, Espantosa Slough and into the Nueces through Line Oak or Soldier Sloughs. Its source is at the conjunction of Elm Creek with Salado Creek, 28°53′33″N 100°10′3 ...


Chambers Creek (Richland Creek tributary)

Chambers Creek is a stream in Texas. It is a tributary to Richland Creek. Chambers Creek has the name of Thomas Jefferson Chambers, a pioneer settler.


China Creek (Wilbarger County, Texas)

The creek was first known as "Moores Creek" by an employee of the Memphis, El Paso and Pacific Railroad. It was renamed "China Creek" for the chinaberry that grew on its banks. It was also described by early Texas settler Richard Boren. By 1879, ...


Clear Creek (Harris County, Texas)

Clear Creek is a small river in Southeast Texas in the United States, which channels much of the run-off in southeast Harris County into Clear Lake and Galveston Bay. Much of the length of the stream forms the boundary between Harris County and G ...


Clear Creek (Trinity River)


Coffee Mill Creek

Coffee Mill Creek is a 16.6-mile-long tributary of the Red River in Texas. It is part of the Mississippi River watershed. It flows entirely within Fannin County.


Coleto Creek

Coleto Creek is a 25-mile stream in Texas. It runs through the small town of Yorktown, Texas. It feeds the Coleto Creek Reservoir. Its mouth is at the Guadalupe River. Coleto is a name derived Spanish meaning either "jacket" or "a mans body".


Cowhouse Creek


Coyansa Draw


Croton Creek


Cummins Creek (Colorado River)

Cummins Creek. Cummins Creek rises near Giddings in Lee County and runs southeast through Lee, Fayette, and Colorado counties for sixty-five miles to its mouth on a horseshoe bend of the Colorado River, opposite Columbus. The stream is named for ...


Cypress Creek (Texas)

Cypress Creek is a stream that flows from Snake Creek and Mound Creek in Waller County, Texas to its mouth at Spring Creek in Harris County, Texas. It is part of the Cypress Creek watershed, and flows into the west fork of the San Jacinto River w ...


Deans Creek (Carolina Creek tributary)


Dixon Creek

The Dixon Creek is a creek in Texas. It runs from north central Carson County through to Hutchinson County, all the way to the Canadian River. It flows through the 6666 Ranch near Panhandle, Texas and the Borger oilfield. It was named in honor of ...


Doe Creek


Double Bayou


Double Bayou, East Fork


Fifteenmile Creek (Texas)

Fifteenmile Creek is a stream in Goliad, Victoria and DeWitt counties, in the U.S. state of Texas. Fifteenmile Creek was named from its distance, 15 miles 24 km from Clinton, Texas.


Garancahua Creek


Garcitas Creek

Garcitas Creek is a 48-mile stream in Victoria County and Jackson County, Texas, in the United States. It flows to Garcitas Cove. Garcitas is a name derived from Spanish meaning the fresh antlers of a deer.


Garlic Creek

Garlic Creek is located in north Hays County near Buda, Texas. Its headwaters are near the intersection of Ranch to Market Road 967 and Farm to Market Road 1626. It is a tributary to Onion Creek, which is a tributary of the Colorado River which e ...


Groesbeck Creek

Groesbeck Creek is a stream in Texas which is a tributary of the Red River. Groesbeck Creek is formed at the confluence of two tributaries – North and South Groesbeck creeks. North Groesbeck Creek heads in Childress County at the eastern edge of ...


Hicks Creek (Texas)


Highland Bayou


Honey Creek (Mason County, Texas)

Honey Creek is a tributary of the Llano River, and an archaeological site located on the Edwards Plateau, between Grit and Streeter, in Mason County, Texas. The prehistoric midden site has been of interest to scientific research since 1987, when ...


Hubbard Creek


Independence Creek

Independence Creek is a spring-fed stream in the Chihuahuan Desert in west Texas that feeds 27 million gallons of water per day to the Pecos River. The surrounding area has been inhabited for approximately 12.000 years, and is home to several end ...


Isle du Bois Creek (Texas)


Jim Ned Creek


Keechi Creek

Keechi Creek is a stream in Palo Pinto County, Texas. It originates two miles east of Graford, and empties into the Brazos River northwest of Mineral Wells.


Kentucky Mutt Creek

Kentucky Mutt Creek is a stream in Victoria County, Texas, in the United States. The origin of the name Kentucky Mutt is obscure. One story tells of a woman who named it after her native home in Kentucky.


Kicaster Creek

Kicaster Creek is a short stream in south-central Texas in the United States. The creek begins in the recharge zone for the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer, near Kicaster, six miles southwest of the town of La Vernia in northwestern Wilson County. It flow ...


Kickapoo Creek


Kiowa Creek


Kuy Creek


Lake Charlotte Creek


Lake Fork Creek

Lake Fork Creek is a 78.4-mile-long river in Hunt, Rains, and Wood counties in Texas. It is a major tributary of the Sabine River, and has as its major tributaries Dry Creek, Glade Creek, Caney Creek, Little Caney Creek, Rainwater Creek, and Birc ...


Lavaca River

The Lavaca River lə- VAH -kə) is a river in the U.S. state of Texas. It begins in the northeastern part of Gonzales County, and travels generally southeast for 115 miles until it empties into Lavaca Bay, which is a component of Matagorda Bay.


Laxson Creek


Leona Creek


Leona River

The Leona River is a river in Texas. It runs through the counties of Uvalde, Zavala and Frio. Archeological discoveries related to indigenous peoples have been made in areas where the river has drained.

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