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Railway stations in Nagano Prefecture


Railway stations in Nagasaki Prefecture


Railway stations in Nara Prefecture


Railway stations in Niigata Prefecture


Railway stations in Ōita Prefecture


Railway stations in Okayama Prefecture


Railway stations in Okinawa Prefecture


Bridges in Osaka Prefecture


Railway stations in Osaka Prefecture


Daikōzen-ji (Saga)

The temple was founded by Gyōki in 717 A.D. It was razed in 835 A.D., however, it was restored by the Buddhist priest Ennin in 847. In the Kyōroku era around the year 1530 A.D., the temple was burnt down in a war. In 1542, however, the main hall ...


Railway stations in Saga Prefecture


Railway stations in Saitama Prefecture


Railway stations in Shiga Prefecture


Railway stations in Shimane Prefecture


Railway stations in Shizuoka Prefecture


Railway stations in Tochigi Prefecture


Tokushima Arts Foundation for Culture

The Tokushima Arts Foundation for Culture (徳島県郷土文化会館) is a multi-purpose cultural facility found in the Aiba-cho district in Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture. It sits on the grounds of the Aibahama Park and runs alongside the Shinm ...


Railway stations in Tokushima Prefecture


Railway stations in Tottori Prefecture


YKK Manufacturing and Engineering Centre

YKK Manufacturing and Engineering Centre is a manufacturing plant and a R&D center of YKK AP which is a subsidiary company of YKK Group. It is located in Namerikawa, Toyama, and was opened on October 22, 1992. Main products developed and manu ...


Railway stations in Toyama Prefecture


Railway stations in Wakayama Prefecture


Railway stations in Yamagata Prefecture


Railway stations in Yamaguchi Prefecture


Railway stations in Yamanashi Prefecture


Office buildings in Japan


Sagamihara Housing Area

Sagamihara Housing Area is an area of land designated as living space for United States Military personnel and Department of the Army Civilians in Sagamihara, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan. American soldiers who are stationed at Camp Zama may live i ...


Installations of the United States Air Force in Japan


Lindheimer panicgrass

Dichanthelium lindheimeri, commonly called Lindheimer panicgrass, is a species of flowering plant in the grass family. It is native primarily to eastern areas the United States and Canada, with its range extending into the South Central region. T ...


Shenmue The Movie


Films set in the Edo period



Calyptranthes is a genus of flowering plants in the family Myrtaceae. They are known commonly as lidflowers, spicewoods, and mountainbays. There are about 100 species. They are evergreen shrubs or small trees, growing to 5 meters tall. They have ...


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Pokemon templates


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Taito B System

The Taito B System is a 16-bit arcade system board released by Taito in 1988. It was used by various arcade video games from 1988 up until 1994. The hardware is similar to the Taito F2 System.


Taito Type X

The Taito Type X is an arcade system board released by Taito Corporation in 2004. Based on commodity PC hardware architecture, Type X is not a specification for a single set of hardware, but rather a modular platform supporting multiple hardware ...


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Jōdo Shin temples


People related to Jōdo Shinshū





Jikō-ji is a Buddhist temple in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture belonging to the Seizan Zenrin-ji of Jōdo-shū Buddhism.Its principal image is a seated image of Amida Nyōrai. The temple houses a National Treasure, an 1153 Heian Period hanging scrol ...


Ongi kuden

Ongi kuden) or "The Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings" is a text in Nichiren Buddhism. Ongi Kuden is Nichirens oral teachings on the Lotus Sutra, which his disciple and successor Nikko Shonin recorded and compiled. Some practitioners of ...


Three Great Secret Laws

Three Great Secret Laws are the fundamental teachings in Nichiren Buddhism, which include Hommon-no-honzon, Hommon-no-kaidan, and Hommon-no-daimoku (本門の題目: daimoku of the essential teaching). The interpretations of each item are different b ...


Nichiren temples




Tokyo Baptist Church

The church has worship services in English with Japanese subtitles and written translations five times.


Baptist missionaries in Japan


Congregationalist missionaries in Japan


Seventh-day Adventist missionaries in Japan

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