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McDiarmid Falls

McDiarmid Falls is a waterfall on Grouse Creek in Wells Gray Provincial Park, east-central British Columbia, Canada. It is located 100 m downstream from Moul Falls and 150 m upstream from Grouse Creeks confluence with the Clearwater River. Grouse ...


McDougall Falls

McDougall Falls is a waterfall on the Murtle River in Wells Gray Provincial Park, east-central British Columbia, Canada. McDougall Falls is located 5 km downstream from the Diamond Lagoon of Murtle Lake. It is 14 m high. A hiking trail follows th ...


McGillivray Falls


Meadow Falls

Meadow Falls is one of seven waterfalls on the Murtle River west of Murtle Lake in Wells Gray Provincial Park, east-central British Columbia, Canada. Meadow Falls is 8 m high. The waterfall was discovered by Joseph Hunter, a surveyor working for ...


Moul Falls

Moul Falls is a waterfall on Grouse Creek in Wells Gray Provincial Park, east-central British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the parks most popular short hiking trails. It is the only waterfall in the park that one can stand behind. Moul Falls is ...


Myra Falls, Canada

Myra Falls is a region of central Vancouver Island named for the waterfall located at the south end of Buttle Lake. The region is part of the Strathcona-Westmin Provincial Park and is unusual in that it contains an active mine which pre-dates the ...


Smith River Falls


Uisge Ban Falls

Uisge Ban Falls is a waterfall near Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada. The falls is located in Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park near New Glen, Victoria County, 14.5 kilometres north of Baddeck.


Burleigh Falls

Burleigh Falls is both a geological feature and a small community in Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada. The falls form the boundary between the municipality of North Kawartha to the north and the municipality of Selwyn to the south. The falls ...


Fenelon Falls

Fenelon Falls is a village in Ontario, Canada, part of the city of Kawartha Lakes. Nicknamed the "Jewel of the Kawarthas," it has a population of 1.800 permanent inhabitants, which swells in the summer due to tourism and cottaging. Fenelon Falls ...


Whites Falls

Whites Falls is a waterfall in Gloucester Pool. It is located near the town of Port Severn. The upper portion of Whites Falls has been modified by a dam to maintain water levels in Six Mile Lake Ontario. As such, the flow through the falls is sea ...


Nistowiak Falls

Nistowiak Falls, at 10 metres, is one of the highest waterfalls in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The falls are on the Rapid River, which flows north from Iskwatikan Lake into Nistowiak Lake on the Churchill River. Nistowiak is a Cree word ...


Sulphurous Lake

Sulphurous Lake is a freshwater body in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia, generally considered to be part of the Interlakes area as it is near Deka Lake. It is frozen from November to May annually. The lake has only one boat launch, which i ...


Lakes of the Cariboo


Lakes of the Chilcotin


Como Lake (British Columbia)

Como Lake is a small lake in Como Lake Park in the city of Coquitlam, British Columbia. It forms the headwaters of the Como watershed and is an urban fishing and recreation area in the city of Coquitlam as well as the Lower Mainland. The lake is ...


Lafarge Lake

Lafarge Lake is a five-hectare man-made lake, located in Town Centre Park in central Coquitlam, British Columbia. The Evergreen Cultural Centre lies on the southwest corner of the lake, and the Waters Edge Festival is held on the lake shore for 2 ...


Delkatla Creek


Delkatla Inlet


Jedway Bay


Jedway Creek


Parry Passage

Parry Passage is a strait and marine waterway between Langara Island and Graham Island in Haida Gwaii, formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, in British Columbia, Canada.


Rivers of Haida Gwaii


Douglas Island (British Columbia)

Douglas Island is a 462-acre island in British Columbia, Canada, located where the Fraser River and Pitt River meet. The island is uninhabited. The island was the property of Canadian Forest Products but the government bought it for.5 million.


Hatzic Valley

The Hatzic Valley is the southerly, lowland portion of the Fraser Valley Regional District Electoral Area "F" of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. The valley was carved as a result of southward glacial action, being "centered along a low‐lying g ...


Nicomen Island

Nicomen Island is an island in the Fraser River east of Mission and between Deroche and Dewdney. Located on the rivers north side, and separated from the foot of the Douglas Ranges by Nicomen Slough, the island is near-totally given over to agric ...


Lakes of the Lower Mainland


Jorge Montt Glacier

Jorge Montt Glacier is a tidewater glacier located in the Aisen Region of Chile, south of the town of Caleta Tortel. It lies at the north end of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, within Bernardo OHiggins National Park. The mouth of Pascua River ...


Santa Maria Island, Chile

Santa Maria is a Chilean island, sparsely inhabited, that is located off the coast of Coronel. Santa Maria has been witness of important events of the history of Chile and the world.


Isla San Pedro

While many nearby areas are developed, Isla San Pedro remains primarily in its natural state with only a few cabins, a lodge, hiking trails, and 33.46 kilometers 20.79 miles of road encircling the perimeter providing access to numerous sandy beac ...


London Island

London Island is located west of Tierra del Fuego and it forms with the Peninsula Brecknock the Paso Brecknock, the only passage between the Canal Ballenero and Canal Cockburn on the way from Beagle Channel to the Straits of Magellan and back.


Noir Island

Noir Island is an island located 17 miles west of Tierra del Fuego. Cabo Noir is the south-west cape of Isla Noir. The island reaches a height of approximately 600 feet.


OBrien Island, Chile

O Brien Island is located at the western end of the Beagle Channel. East of the island is the Paso Darwin, that is the beginning of the Beagle Channel. To the north is the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, separated by the Pomar Channel. To the So ...


Laguna del Negro Francisco

Laguna del Negro Francisco is a lake in the Atacama Region of Chile and the southernmost closed lake in the country. It is situated 200 kilometres northeast of the city of Copiapo. The lake is about 10 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide with a ...


San Tadeo River

San Tadeo River is a river in the Isthmus of Ofqui, Aysen Region, Chile. San Tadeo River flows in a SSW direction into the Gulf of San Esteban. It drains much of the swampy Isthmus of Ofqui and the meltwater from San Quintin Glaciers proglacial l ...



Chillahuita is a dacitic lava dome in northern Chile. It may have formed after the Pleistocene, although argon-argon dating on amphibole has indicated an age of 370.000 ±40.000 years. It has an altitude of about 4.750 metres. It formed in a singl ...


Lauca (volcano)

Lauca is a 5.140 metres high andesitic stratovolcano in the Central Volcanic Zone of the Andes on the Altiplano in northern Chile. Administratively it is located in Putre, Arica y Parinacota Region. The volcano was active during the Late Miocene ...


Cerros Bravos-Barros Negros

Cerros Bravos-Barros Negros is a volcano in Chile. Cerros Bravos-Barros Negros is a volcanic complex in the Maricunga Belt. This 200 kilometres 120 mi long volcanic belt formed during the Oligocene-Miocene west of the Puna; the present-day Centra ...



Llecue is a mountain in the commune of Los Lagos in Los Rios Region, southern Chile. The mountain lies west of mount Tralcan and immediately south of San Pedro River. The eastern slope of the mountain is a sharp fault scarp as is part of its west ...



Troltrolhue or Cordillera Troltrolhue is a mountain and mountain range in Los Rios Region, southern Chile. The mountain range runs from west to east across five communes; Mariquina, Lanco, Mafil, Los Lagos and Panguipulli. It lies south and east ...


Rivers of Anhui


Rivers of Chongqing


Rivers of Fujian


Rivers of Gansu


Rivers of Guangdong


Rivers of Guangxi


Rivers of Guizhou


Rivers of Hebei


Rivers of Heilongjiang


Rivers of Henan

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