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Viscount Sarsfield

Viscount Sarsfield, of Kilmallock, was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created in 1627 for Sir Dominick Sarsfield, 1st Baronet, Chief Justice of the Irish Common Pleas. He had already been created a Baronet, of Carrickleamlery, in the B ...


Viscount Taaffe

The title Viscount Taaffe, of Corren, was created in the Peerage of Ireland in 1628, together with the subsidiary title Baron Ballymote. From 1661 to 1738, the Viscounts Taaffe were also the Earls of Carlingford. From the 18th century onwards, th ...


Viscount of Kenmure

Viscount of Kenmure was a title in the Peerage of Scotland. It was created by Charles I in 1633 for the prominent Presbyterian Sir John Gordon, 2nd Baronet. He was made Lord Lochinvar at the same time, also in the Peerage of Scotland. The sixth v ...


Viscount of Kilsyth


Florida Canal

The Florida Canal or 40 Arpent Canal is a canal in the New Orleans metropolitan area land down river. The canal was built in the 18th century colonial era of Louisiana, stretching from what is now the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, ...










































Trodelsteine (rock formation)

The Trodelsteine, also called the Trodelstein, is a rock formation near Emmerzhausen in the county of Altenkirchen in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It consists of columnar basalt and a basaltic blockfield in the Heller Upland. The roc ...


Rommersheim (Worrstadt)

Rommersheim is a Stadtteil of the town Worrstadt in Rheinhessen in the German state Rheinland-Pfalz. It lies in a valley south-west of Worrstadt.


Bad Zwischenahn railway station

Bad Zwischenahn is a railway station located in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany. The station is located on the Oldenburg–Leer railway. The train services are operated by Deutsche Bahn and NordWestBahn.


Grafenberg Castle (Aschaffenburg)

Grafenberg Castle, also called Landesehre Castle, is a levelled hilltop castle near 360 m above sea level on the hill of Grafenberg. It is located near Rottenberg in the market municipality of Hosbach in the district of Aschaffenburg in the south ...



Neuwesteel is part of the borough of Norden in East Frisia in the northwest of the German state of Lower Saxony. It is the third most recent quarter after Tidofeld and Leybuchtpolder, because it was only founded on 11 July 1934. On the terrain of ...



Tidofeld has been an autonomous part of the East Frisian borough of Norden since 1996 and has around 1.000 inhabitants), spread over an area of just 0.47 km². Its built-up area is completely integrated with the town itself. Until 1952, Tidofeld w ...


Westermarsch I

Westermarsch I was an independent municipality in Lower Saxony until the municipal reform of 1972 and, as such, a member of the collective municipality of Leybucht. Today Westermarsch I is a part of the East Frisian borough of Norden with about 4 ...


Westermarsch II

Westermarsch II was an independent municipality until the 1972 territorial reform in Lower Saxony and, as such, a member of the collective municipality of Leybucht in Lower Saxony. Today Westermarsch II is a village in the East Frisian borough of ...



The Lindemannsruhe is an area of upland in the parish of Freinsheim in the German county of Bad Durkheim. It lies at a height of 465 metres above sea level in the foothills of the Palatinate Forest, below the Peterskopf and was named after a form ...


Frauenroth Abbey

Frauenroth Abbey is a former Cistercian nunnery in Burkardroth in Bavaria, South Germany, in the bishopric of Wurzburg The abbey, dedicated to Saint George and All Saints, was built in 1231 by Count Otto von Botenlauben and Beatrix de Courtenay, ...



Untererthal is a ward of the Bavarian town of Hammelburg in the Lower Franconian district of Bad Kissingen. The German Armys Infantry School is located in neighboring Hammelburg.


Kirchsee (Bavaria)

The Kirchsee is a lake in Upper Bavaria which is located nearby the Kloster Reutberg monastery and brewery in the Sachsenkam municipality, about 30 km south of Munich.



Walchensee or Lake Walchen is one of the deepest and largest alpine lakes in Germany, with a maximum depth of 192.3 metres and an area of 16.4 square kilometres. The lake is 75 kilometres south of Munich in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. The en ...




Localities in Barnim


Upper Palatine Hills

The Upper Palatine Hills is a Hercynian range of rolling hills and valleys running from the Upper Palatine-Bavarian Forest in the east and the Franconian Jura in the west. It lies mostly within the Bavarian province of Upper Palatinate, hence the ...


Hoglworth Abbey

Hoglworth Abbey is a former monastery of the Augustinian Canons in Hoglworth, near Anger in Bavaria, in the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising.


Buildings and structures in Birkenfeld (district)


Gondelsheim (Weinsheim)

Gondelsheim lies in the valley of the Vlierbach stream, which flows past the village to the south. To the north rises the Seimersberg hill. The main roads through the village are the Kreisstrassen K 172 and K 178. Neighbouring villages are Schwir ...


BundesstraSe 31

The BundesstraSe 31 is a federal highway or BundesstraSe running from east to west in South Germany. It runs from Breisach on the border with France to the Sigmarszell junction on the Bundesautobahn 96 near Lindau. Between the transition of the B ...



Untersiggingen is a small village in the municipality Deggenhausertal in Baden-Wurttemberg Germany. Deggenhausertal itself is a part of the district Bodenseekreis which is on the north shore of Lake Constanz.


Wiesneck Castle

Wiesneck Castle is a ruined castle in the village of Wiesneck in the municipality of Buchenbach in the Southern Black Forest in the county of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald in the southwest German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.





Baven is a village in the municipality of Sudheide in the north of Celle district in Lower Saxony, Germany. It lies on the western edge of the Sudheide Nature Park, on the Luneburg Heath and currently has a population of 1.638. There is evidence ...



Bonstorf is a village in the municipality of Sudheide in the north of Celle district on the Luneburg Heath in central Germany. Bonstorf lies about 3 km from Hermannsburg on the boundary with the district of Soltau-Fallingbostel and currently has ...

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